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I am zhenkang, collaborating in the Pretanic Faction State (I prefer to call it Antigo) and Elhadia (well, to a lesser extent). I used to own a nation in Singkangia, but I decided to abandon it and do some sort of internship collaborating with others. If you have any personal issues, I prefer if you send me a message through Opengeofiction for ease of contact. I can speak English and Chinese. (我会讲华语,所以您可以使用华文通知我,没问题。)

Please note that my wiki user page is not updated, so ignore my wiki user page. reasons see below. You can read more about me at geopoeia.

Did you know...

  • That my profile picture is the picture of John Briarmack, the first leader of Antigo?
  • I have been wiki banned twice? First in March 2017, another time on March 2018. So don't contact me via the wiki (though not many do this anyways...).
  • I have also been banned from editing blue nations?
  • Someone called me the 'most restricted' user on OGF?
  • I have plans for another group of nations?

Status (updated occasionally)

  • Kontroga developments


Meanwhile in Antigo...