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My city(es) about 18 hours ago

I feel the coastway highway can be downgraded to a trunk or primary road, as I find it unnecessary to have one through the small town.

I prefer if you want to improve further, go to Gobras City and check out. I find sometimes sizes of the grids to be irregular at times.

Dikes? 2 days ago

About your 'deleted dyke', I thought of suggesting if you can replace with a chain of resort islands or something like that, or maybe (if you want to be unrealistic) have a large island metropolis in the middle of the bay and that helps create a purpose for a long dyke.

Embassy exchange 6 days ago

On behalf of the Antigoan Ministry of Foreign and International Affairs, I am interested in opening an embassy in Mallyore, and likewise, invite you to build one embassy in our beloved capital Antigo City here.

This is provided if you are willing to recognise Antigo as a country, with its government doing unspeakable (yet justifiable) atrocities such as child sacrifices, mass torture, brainwashing its citizens all for the purpose of consolidating power to our glorious government of Antigo and bring on the great legacy of the Briarmacks! Otherwise, like the other imperialists, just build a de facto embassy (a consulate, in other words) in your nation but feel free to build one in our capital.

Suya Ahn 9 days ago

Are you going for a Southeast Asian-style nation? I may help since I am from the region (you can guess where I am from from the avatar flag). I also speak Chinese, so I can help with that.

Suya Ahn 9 days ago

This country distinctly reminds me of Vietnam, Laos and south China combined. The language quite puzzled me in fact. Will there be a language based on Chinese?

So far so good in terms of your mapping, but I will take a closer look while I have time. I like the way you are planning out your history and trying to illustrate it on the map.

Skalenia's time zone 9 days ago

There is also a handy map.

Skalenia's time zone 9 days ago

Isnt there OGF:Time Zones?

Hello 9 days ago

Then Rheelyntia?

Hello 9 days ago

Well, it is actually just from the last sylllabe of your user name 'lyn'.

I hope the flag will be good.

Clearing Territories 9 days ago

Use JOSM. Select all ways, using the lasso mode, then press delete.

Hello 10 days ago

Arlington would be much more appropriate for the city name but not the country. Why not other names like Lyntia or Relinya?

History 10 days ago

What has not been confirmed is not on the official pages of countries. Bear in mind the title with the prefix OGF: .

History 11 days ago

So far the world war has been in discussion. It is safe to assume that there are only 1, though some people think there may be two.

Hello 11 days ago

Welcome back! There has been many changes in OGF!

Hope you will not commit the same mistakes as last time (I hope). Though I like the fact Natlyn is quite a nice name.

You can work with The Cute Chick (TCC) in the area. As far as I know he is doing some cleanup.

Just asking, what territory would you like? Would you like to work in the Federal States (AR120), a US-like country which has opened recently.

Are there anyone who can help me with clearing the territory of Hifnakia? 12 days ago

To add on, if you are bored with your territory and want to take a break, or if you want to abandon it, you are welcome to the Pretanic Faction State. Contact me or bhj867 for details.

Are there anyone who can help me with clearing the territory of Hifnakia? 12 days ago

@iiEarth you will still need permission from admins

@Trombonist nice, but still needs approval from theruler.

Safety of Parallel Asumptions 12 days ago

You know, an Imperial China that has the Qing Dyansty in power, but a consituational democratic government was set up.

Safety of Parallel Asumptions 12 days ago

I only think of Meilan and the other nations to be like mini-China colonies. I was thinking of a possible Qing Dynasty consituational China elsewhere.

Safety of Parallel Asumptions 12 days ago

There are other things which are not really or totally safe to assume it is the equivalent...

Commonia is NOT China. Though it uses Chinese characters as names, it does not mean it is 'China' because there are also languages in the RW that also uses the Chinese script. There will be a more realistic (Democratic?) China somewhere in OGF in the future, I hope.

Mazan (or UL137) may or may not be Arabia. There is certain disputes on making it Arabic in a European neighbourhood. Though it can be safe to assume it may be an Islamic nation inspired by the Middle East (I hope, this is just my assumption).

Safety of Parallel Asumptions 12 days ago

Perhaps one day we should make a French Canada somewhere...

I agree that if you want to mention any history related to a France-equivalent nation, you can briefly mention UL141. I suggest setting a sandbox or something for that part of history, if you want space for writing an elaborate history.

Something I dont get about the Franquese page. How is Pretany involved if today's Pretany does not really speak French?