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Question over 1 year ago


Please read this


Any questions, ask the admin.

The July 2021 Geolympiad Mapoff over 1 year ago

Btw, through discussions with other OGF users, I would like to share a proposed change to the Geolympiad name to GeoAthletics, or GeoGames for short. According to TheMayor, GEO stands for Great Eastern Organised Games. The name might future-proof us if the Western Hemisphere ever opens up.

Severin History over 1 year ago

Looking at the city, I feel it can be well suited for the Federal States. Or maybe you can consider asking admin to shift your territory to Rhododactylia.

I encourage you to consider setting up your own wiki on miraheze if you wish to continue writing your history. At this stage, you might not get a wiki account for quite some time.

Severin History over 1 year ago

Cool, Do you have a wiki account?

The July 2021 Geolympiad Mapoff over 1 year ago

Xiongjing will be interested to file a Geolympiad bid for the 1980s, hopefully specifically 1988.

Also on the name, actually we should have decided on a new name on it before we start mapping. It has an impact on how we name the various stadiums and venues of the games.

I think the logo isnt bad and seemed fine.

User Diary RSS almost 2 years ago


Lack of valid certificate and JOSM almost 2 years ago

You need to check your desktop guys

Coming back to Opengeofiction, any ideas for what I should do in Gobrassanya? about 2 years ago

Yes, so what were you working on in Gobrassanya then? You just work on what you were working on.

Aeopoli District (Updated) about 2 years ago

Hmm this isnt really a bad attempt. Though I say more improvements are needed, particularly in the deisigning of the airport. Make sure the runway, first off, is long enough and not too close to the building.

[ATTENTION NEW USERS: READ THE BLUEBOOK FIRST!!!] How about making an OGF mod for Civ V? over 2 years ago


Gobras City Questions and World Companies over 2 years ago

Ah welcome to Gobras City.

Theres plenty of empty spaces around Gobras City to play around. For point 3, I suggest Hearmest: I also suggest you can make more retail spaces there, sponsored by SP Coproration.

In fact Gobras City has many empty spaces that can be filled in, like here: and here

Have fun in developing these areas!

Several Questions over 2 years ago

There is a wiki page on a list of collaborative nations. You can contact the owner of the collab state and ask if you are interested in participating.

Theres plenty of small states in Archanta for beginners where you can map around

Rocket Launched! Cinasia's Space Center over 2 years ago

Looks like it’s time to create a rival space agency in kuehong…

Mazan over 2 years ago

Asking the regional admin, in this case it will be wangi

Malls. over 2 years ago

Show us a few malls which we can model on, then

Countries disappeared? over 2 years ago

Well there are like major changes in West Uletha these days. I suggest contacting admin about this

New Mapper - Aden over 2 years ago

Looks great for a beginner mapper. Good job

Feedback on Faiai’ita over 2 years ago

There are quite impressive details in the city so far. Looks good.

Have you considered the topology of the surrounding area? It may help in the mountain road mapping…

Unknown mapper of the love of geometry over 2 years ago

Btw this is the 3000th diary entry. Or a diary entry with id3000

Unknown mapper of the love of geometry over 2 years ago

Yeah I realised hahaha