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Unknown mapper of the love of geometry over 1 year ago

He cant do that, block him,or something

New Lucien - Any Feedback? over 1 year ago

You still do have a long way to go. What I have seen so far is that the roads seem to be pretty well planned, but not natural enough.

You should actually consider building natural features and make the roads work around them.

Real life flag! over 1 year ago


San Juan Topo Layer over 1 year ago

Sorry, I said that cos Im a bit frustrated with what I perceive to be a lack of enthusiasm, that people just ignore my posts and stuff.

Like I said, these are mere challenges, not a contest, and they arent strictly obligatory. Still i see that you wish for a need for exchanges and feedback.

The topo challenge will go on indefinitely. I will post a temporal smaller challenge you can work on for the time being.

San Juan Topo Layer over 1 year ago

In response to some comments:

Yes, I am aware that the topo layer may not be updated regularly, but there are still other ways to show your contour mapping. Ever heard of screenshots? Drive sharing files? etc etc

My intention of launching a contour mapping challenge is to prepare ahead other types of mapping in future challenges, like countryside rural mountainside mapping, border fixing etc etc. Topology is important before mapping.

If you like to you can skip it and wait for the next one. I don’t mind.

Bus route tips over 1 year ago

You can look at my diary entry regarding this

Mapper's Challenge #30 — July 2020 — Contours and topography over 1 year ago

I set this challenge to prioritise topology before anything else: future challenges will also encourage topology.

For some of the qns:

  • At coastlines, yes ele=0
  • Elevation values are in metres.
  • Lines can be a closed loop or stop at the edge of where you are mapping, though it will make things pretty ugly there.

I think Luciano may give more satisfactory answers.

SkyPoint Redevelopment over 1 year ago

Ok. I will help make some minor changes there, including removing the monorail branch to the mall. About the SkyPoint site itself, I suggest you can look at examples in real life. Don’t worry if the roller coasters don’t look good on the map; they are just spaghetti blobs.

My 5 Year OGF Anniversary over 1 year ago

Congrats on your fifth year. Dont feel so bad: some people need some time to develop their skills and abilities to collaborate. Even after 3 and a half year here, im still not really what people will call an accompolished mapper. My first year, like you, sucks a lot, when I tried to develop Singkangia.

Rhododactylia border expansion? over 1 year ago

Eh… Ask wangi?

Gobras City North Sky Point Development over 1 year ago

You do really have a flair for mapping. Like the progress so far.

I feel that you dont really need an extra monraik branch for the mall; just have it along the line, and then just create a walkway from the station.

Mapper's Challenge #29 — June 2020 — All Aboard the Bus! over 1 year ago

You can check the osm version here:


Territory was griefed, but I was never told? over 1 year ago

You can look at backups or something, if that is possible.

Spot Lights and Red Carpets Here, Cinasia's Movie Industry over 1 year ago

Wow. It does look great. Its a bit rare to see someone doing a theme and amusement park.

I hope to see hotels and transportation to the area. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere, besides the smll town.

Hi back! over 1 year ago

I hope to really award the 2020 Geolympiad Games to Kirchenburg. In fact, I thought when the time is right, I will aks about the 2018 Winter and 2020 Summer.

Hope to see more of you around, and further updates of the city! Kirchenburg is one of the nicest and well mapped cities I have seen thus far.

I am also mapping the capital of Kuehong Bakdep, which has the centre shaped like a flower with the nation’s symbol - the 8 point star - in the middle. I am still working around the area, planning an expo for a possible 2019 Expo, cultural venues, the commerical area etc, and preparing it for embassies. So far, I have finished the government centre and added a few government bureaus… feel free to check to out and probably build an embassy in one of the triangles.

Survey: how do you create your place names? over 1 year ago

Kuehongese names are taken from a variety of sources. Usually, my approach is to take some Chinese names and feed them in a chu nom converter:

  • The Chinese name of Vang Ngat, 邦咯, is actually the Chinese name of a Malaysian island Pulau Pangkor. The state capital, O-man (乌敏), is taken from another Singapore island Pulau Ubin. Many of the town names in Vang Ngat are Chinese translations of some places in Singapore, with the translations then fed into the converter

  • In fact, I also used this same method for many other places which makes some reference to real-world places, like Can Lai and Cam Mai (Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai), which are both border cities of Thailand.

  • Other places are also some random Chinese names I took from Chinese textbooks, model essays etc

  • I also kind of did the inverse, also researching on some Vietnamese province names and a Vietnamese name generator, then fed into the convertor. I will sometimes follow up with variants, like same characters with different pronunciations, same/similar pronunciations with different characters etc


  • 刘然 Lưu Nhơn 刘然 Lưu Nhiên 留仁 Lưu Nhơn 留仁 Lưu Nhân
  • 冥清 Minh Thanh 盟青 Minh Thanh 盟清 Minh Thanh 盟清 Minh Thảnh
  • 韩静 Hàn Tĩnh 旱浄 Hạn Tĩnh 旱醒 Khan Tỉnh

I keep such a list here:, which also have translations of roads and other features…

Mmm Embassies over 1 year ago

Check OGF:Embassies on the wiki

Question over 1 year ago

Question over 1 year ago

As you are rather new, you dont have a wiki account until upon request, and usually after you have mapped a subsential amount on which you can write about.

Nevertheless, this diary entry still functions as a forum for you. You can also PM others for feedback or hangout with other OGF users on other unofficial social media platforms.

About your village, it looks not bad at the start. I feel it is a bit too small on the scale, like the church could be about 10 times bigger than it should. You can check out the OGF scale helper here:

Shiuld you have any more questions, post in the diary entries or DM others. If you like to message me for instance, click on my username and click on ‘send message’

Feedback on Lucien City almost 2 years ago

Hmm you have picked the right location and stuff, but you can do more than drawing roads. Think of detailing the city like adding some importanr buildings such as churches.

If you develop your city well, you may consider a FS state or a county in any of the collaborative states if you wish to. You have quite some potential as a mapper.