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Kalavsky and Herzevodnia: A great historic deal

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 16 February 2018 in Croatian (Hrvatski)

I guess Kalavsky and Herzevodnia is my country (that i map) and i think, i should continue mapping it? (Yes it is based on Bosnia and Herzagovina with an a language in a combination of Romanian, Croatian and Russian) but the region where i am there is no one who do that, everyone as been colonized in my neighborhood.

Now that i have JOSM i can map more fast.

Location: 36.479, 105.620

Things not rendering, ¿What happens?

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 12 February 2018 in Croatian (Hrvatski)

Things not rendering, ¿What happens???

Location: Boundary Street, Erilyn City, ER1, Esthyra
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