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Why somethimes i can't access OpenGeoFiction?

Posted by Jesus Antonio on 30 January 2018 in Komi (Коми)

Why somethimes i can't access OpenGeoFiction? especially in the morning.

This street seems detailed?

look at the location

Why it stills say Serysia, pöjösttï, etc?

how i can remove that?

My house is haunted

I feel like my house is haunted. I was typing in google "New York" and someone posted "New town on commonia", i think it was coincidence but i typed "cricket" and someone posted that word of "Cricket on X city". now i can't enter google or yahoo, but yes in OGF, also i don't have proxy or firewall so i think that isn't a coincidence. Also this have been happened me since January so i like to share this with OGF.

Location: North Highway, Pöjoistti, Seryisia
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