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Voting on AR045 submissions

Posted by Rustem Pasha on 13 December 2019 in Polish (Polski)

I prepared the poll for the basic names in AR045. the poll will last a week and then the results will be counted and presented to the community in reasonable period of time.

All users of OGF are allowed to vote however the wage votes of people who own territories in AR045 already will be doubled.

The poll is divided into two due to technical reasons:

  • Part 1 - country name, flag, motto and some collaborative provinces.
  • Part 2 - the rest of collaborative and free-to-edit provinces.

In both parts giving the OGF username is required to prevent scam. This information won't be published in voting results.

To discuss the names visit dedicated thread in the wikiforum or write here if you don't have wiki account.

Submissions for AR045

Posted by Rustem Pasha on 12 November 2019 in Polish (Polski)

I have a pleasure to announce that AR045 is officially open for new users. Anyone who is interested in taking part in this amazing project may ask for a territory now.

Along with the opening I created the page with submissions for AR045 where all users may propose names of provinces, people and solutions for highway systems. The proposals will be discussed and voted later.

Have fun,

Rustem Pasha

City display problem

Posted by niski on 21 October 2019 in Polish (Polski)

Hello, i am posting here because i have strange problems with my city name displaying after 30km away (when the cities become points).

To be exact, i put a city mark properly, but it won't show up past the 30km range. I did it 3 weeks ago and rest of the map on the current zoom updated so it's not zoom updates. I tried many things, such as adding capital=4 tag (because this'd be the "capital/largest city" of my state i'm mapping in), making a new city tag, W A I T I N G, removing/adding population mark in my city name, and nothing. Later, i added some planned cities that are 0% complete and are just placeholders, when i suddenly see one of them is displaying from even 100km away! What is this problem caused by, and how to fix it, if i can ask? Also, i recently noticed the city stopped appearing from 30km and only appears to 20km zooms.

If anyone needs the location, it's here: (don't mind my poor mapping or the fact that the city is like 1% done, i just recently got this territory).

United Monarchies Organization

Posted by Rustem Pasha on 11 February 2018 in Polish (Polski)

Few days ago I had an idea to create a new international organization. The concept of it is rather nonexistent in real world but in certain conditions, for example larger number of monarchies (likre in OGF) it could exist. Here is a draft page for the organization. I would know if more people are interested to join or improve the idea in some way.

If you see your country as a part of the organization feel free to add it retroactively.

There is also discussion on the Forum which maybe you would to see before joining,

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