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West Ulethan Community Collaborative Projects on the New Wiki Forums

Posted by admin on 14 September 2021 in Romanian (Română).

Dear Mappers,

for transparency purposes, to allow any OpenGeofiction user to follow or be part of discussions and decisions regarding the community collaborative projects in West Uletha, these discussions will need to be held on our new Wiki Forums, as soon as these open to the community. Decisions will be made (if necessary) by majority vote over the forums – any OpenGeofiction user can (vote and) discuss (not just users who actively participate in the project – most community collaborative projects in West Uletha represent origins for cultures worldwide).

Projects which would currently come into question:

  • Castellan (Castilian Spanish homeland, inspired by Mediterranean Europe and Northern Africa)

  • Malesoria (Albanian-speaking nation, inspired by Southeast European states)

  • Mazan (Arabic-speaking homeland, inspired by the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa)

  • Plevia (Italian-speaking homeland, inspired mostly by Italy)

  • Surian Confederation (discussions regarding the whole state, as well as the capital region. Russian-speaking homeland, inspirations from the Soviet Union)

Projects which might come into question in the future:

  • Chara Republic (Russian-speaking republic within the Surian Confederation, inspirations mostly from ideal socialist cities and southern Ukraine)

  • Franqueterre/Franquia (French-speaking homeland, inspired mostly by Central Western Europe)

  • Gobrassanya (English-speaking nation, strong Hawaiian-like indigenous presence)

I encourage coordinators / contributors to community collaborative projects / interested users to post current development plans / development proposals for the mentioned collaborative projects to the forums, as soon as the forums are accessible to the entire OpenGeofiction community.

In this section, issues such as the spread of languages and language groups throughout Uletha and the world can be discussed as well.

Looking forward to productive discussions, smooth collaborations and outstanding mapping!


(current manager of West Uletha)

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia

Posted by stjur on 13 October 2017 in Romanian (Română).

Piața Gării, Ostrina A 3D reproduction of the Station Square (Piața Gării) in Ostrina, Antharia - made with SketchUp

You know this feeling when you see a beautiful cityscape and you really, really want to know what it looked like 100 years ago? Or is it just me? Anyway, here you’ll find out what today’s Central Station neighborhood looked like in 1850 and in 1920. Central Station Square (Interactive version here)

Of course, now y’all want to find out even more about these buildings because you’re all architects or urbanists and have a obsessive passion for historic architecture - nono, wait, I think it’s just me… (whining out loud)

Piata Garii numerotat

1- Ostrina Central Station (map) - built 1876 under the name Gara Dabijei (Train Station of Dabija), it became the new main station of Ostrina, as the old one from 1847 was way too small. Here you can look at the railway station from a better angle;

2- Hotel Dinamo *** (map) - today, here you’ll find a modernist building from the late 70s, but in 1920 you would have found one of the most luxurious hotels in the city that time - Grand Hotel Dabija Royale. Unfortunately, this hotel was open for tourists only for 7 years… It opened in 1918 and was bombed down by Gobrassian troops in the 3rd Antharian War in 1925. Gobrassanya, we love you. (That’s probably what Dabija Royale looked like in 1920);

3- Șaussé Mall (also known as Șaussé Palas) (map) - it may look old, but it’s not. It’s a modern mall built in 1986 on a vacant lot. It’s facade should remind us of the old buildings that once stood in this place (the architect didn’t do a great job);

4- Twin buildings on Station Street (Strada Gării) (map) - they don’t really look like twins anymore since Myrcian company Citihotel decided to dye the left twin’s roof green, but the twins still get along pretty well. They were both built between 1880 and 1885, as part of the city’s modernization program. Here you can look at them from a better angle;

5- Fonciera Building (also known as Agricola-Fonciera Building) (map) - you know when you can consider yourself a failure as an architect? When you project a huge, fascist building in the middle of an old-styled plaza… That’s what our dictator Jean-Gheorghe Barraca decided to do in 1922 (This is what the building could look like today). Also, this building was placed in this exact location for a reason…

6- Cluceru Dabijei Church & Monastery - The one thing dictators hate most is probably God, that’s why the old church in the public square has been demolished in 1921. Believe it or not, the bell tower (clopotniță) of the church stood on the other side of the boulevard until 1960. The monastery, built in the 16th century, was already demolished in 1880 (This is what the monastery could have looked like in 1875, before the demolitions);

7- Dabija Vodă Market Hall - It was one of the very few market halls in the city. It miraculously survived the 1880 modernization program, being practically located in the middle of the square. Due to it’s deplorable state, it was demolished in 2002. Sad.

And, to make sure this User Diary entry is indeed the longest ever, here is a pic of a beautiful car parked next to the „Jurnal de Ostrina” headquarters, facing the Central Station:

White Mustang ‘The day I saw your white Mustang’… And it had an Antharian license plate…

Sorry for this long User Diary entry, but I worked 12 hours straight for this small project and no one even reads them blikis. Also please comment down below what you think about this short OGF history lesson, maybe I should do this again? It only takes 12 hours, no big deal.


Location: 塔提让镇, 且末县, 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang, China

Best ways to flood Uletha (help asap)

Posted by stjur on 9 October 2017 in Romanian (Română).

Looks like I flooded Uletha, that’s what the Coastline Maintenance says and that’s what the map shows. I’m really sorry, it’s just that I can’t find the problem. It says that the coastline is intersecting itself somewhere on Geanina Beach, just that there is no coastline in this location… Please help… Or is there someone else who has flooded Uletha? Or does it take a little longer to render? Somehow the entire continent is flooded and it’s probably my fault…

EDIT: Would you look at that… While I was writing, the problem seems to have solved itself. Now that’s awkward.

Location: 塔中镇, 且末县, 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang, China

Antharia's actually moved... - BLIKI

Posted by stjur on 9 August 2017 in Romanian (Română).

Hi guys, my second bliki is up! It features:

• Informations about the real world inspiration of Antharia;

• “3D Buildings”;

• Detailed documentation of the big move of Antharia and Niscavo;

• Huge announcements; an offer for advanced mappers;

• Three(!) music tips; One shameless ad

Please don’t forget to leave a nice comment in the comment section!

Location: 塔提让镇, 且末县, 巴音郭楞蒙古自治州, Xinjiang, China

One Year of OpenGeofiction - BLIKI

Posted by stjur on 8 July 2017 in Romanian (Română).

I just wrote my very first bliki celebrating my one year on OGF! It features:

• Emotional stories about my geofiction passion;

• A guide for building an imaginary European city;

• A complex timeline of mappings I did this year;

• A detailed description of the reconstruction project of the city of Vâlcești;

• Two song tips;

• Lame jokes.

Please don’t forget to leave a nice comment in the comment section. Thanks!

Location: 柳树坪, 永胜县, 丽江市, Yunnan, China

Building not appearing on map?

Posted by stjur on 5 July 2017 in Romanian (Română).

Hi, I worked a lot on this building, it’s made out of many line segments which I connected to a building area. Now, the building doesn’t show up. Why?

EDIT: Problem solved. Thank you!

Location: 余子拉, 永胜县, 丽江市, Yunnan, China

Connect Uletha: The TUTN Project (Trans-Ulethan Transport Networks)

Posted by stjur on 8 June 2017 in Romanian (Română).

Priority axes and projects of TUTN (sketch)

This subject has been brought up many times before. Uletha needs to be more connected. Now that the OGF map features a wonderful navigation system, everyone would love to travel across the continent. There is only one problem, the international traffic network.

Many countries have no streets or railways, others have way too many, leading to unpopulated regions. That’s why we need a continentally recognized and strategically placed transport network, which would help users to place their roads and railways the right way, leading towards the main transport axes of Uletha.

In the image above I’ve sketched what I think the most strategic transport axes of the continent would be, from an objective point of view. I also mentioned the countries they go through here.

TUTN is a project proposed by the Ulethan Alliance for Culture to bring Ulethan cultures closer. It was recently adopted by the Assembly of Nations and should be put into operation soon.

What do you think? Could this help “making Uletha great again”? Do you find any more potential transport axes in Uletha?

Find out more about TUTN at:

Most realistic forest?

Posted by stjur on 26 May 2017 in Romanian (Română).

Hi guys!

The last few days I’ve tried to map some more realistic hand-drawn forests in the south of Antharia. I’m not sure what to think about them… Forests on the real life map look so various and it’s impossible to recreate them.

Please give me a feedback or suggestions for improvement. Thank you!

Location: 昙华乡, 大姚县, 楚雄彝族自治州, Yunnan, China

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture)

Posted by stjur on 11 February 2017 in Romanian (Română). Last updated on 14 February 2017.

Dear mappers,

As central and western Ulethan states have no political, economical and cultural alliance they can be part of (EUOIA is for eastern Uletha only, the Uletarephian Union is inactive and very limited, the Southern Uletha Economic Cooperation Council is, as the name says, only destined for southern Ulethan states…), I thought it would be a pretty good idea to create an alliance for states in the entire continent of Uletha, the Ulethan Alliance, ruled from Gobras City and the other five founding countries’ capitals. What do you think about it?

Sure, I know, it sounds a little superfluous, but I think it is a good way to get to know other active mappers in Uletha, maybe to collaborate with them, to create institutions and organizations on continental level (like the “Ulethan Capital of Culture”) and to strengthen relations between countries.

If you’re interested in the UA, you can even be one of the 6 founding members of the organization :)) Just write it down below!

More information about UA here.