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Issues with Wiki automated tables

Posted by Aiki on 9 August 2017 in English (English).

Hello dear mappers,

I have started to move the embassies in Guai from their current ungrouped relations type to a set of nodes grouped in a [dedicated relation] ( The purpose is, of course, to manage them more easily in JOSM but also in the corresponding Wiki article.

I started with using Mstr’s automated tables but switch to using a regular #get_web_data so that I can concatenate values from “addr:street” & “addr:housenumber” in one single column and displayed “name:en” below the original “name”. On this table, I’m facing two issues:

  • The table is not necessarily updated when new members are added to the relation. It does not even display the same results when I’m logged in and when I’m not. I’ve added #clear_external_data but it doesn’t seem enough.

  • I cannot “Order by” country the table so that the result is displayed by node @id by default (e.g. Broceliande Embassy and Cultural Centre are shown separately). Apparently, data should be sorted before being uploaded on the table. For xml file, it appears you need to code in xPath which doesn’t contain “order by” operator but a function expression.addSort. My coding knowledge having reached its limits, does anyone know how this could be embedded in the query?

I thank you a lot if someone’s got some clue on how to fix these two issues.


Antarephia Climate

Posted by Aiki on 20 January 2017 in English (English). Last updated on 21 January 2017.


For the last few weeks, I have been facing some issues regarding the climate of my country Guai. The main question is not necessarily about writing an article or an article section about it but more about adapting the landscape to the climate (rivers’ width, land cover, agriculture, etc.).

I have drawn the following sketch as a proposition for Antarephia climate with air and and ocean currents. I’ve tried to bear in mind that we are looking at the southern hemisphere but that Hesperic Ocean is closed by Kartumia to the west, meaning we won’t have an Antarctic Circumpolar Current as strong as we have on Earth. Consequently, Hesperic Ocean is likely to behave like Northern Atlantic Ocean but “reversed”: air and water go east and south instead of east and north. Western Antarephia would look more like Western Europe and Morocco than to Chile.

Anyway, it’s not written in stone and I’d like to know whether it makes sense to you?