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Realistic Mapping

Posted by JoJoBa on 19 March 2019 in English (English)

So, I've been asking myself. Is there any tutorial video on realistic mapping? Sure, there are tons of wiki pages on how-to, however a bunch of texts doesn't explain really what to do. Since I joined, I only found Luciano's video on about how to connect and edit OGF using JOSM. However that "editing" part was just a little vandalism police thingy, he probably put himself in the middle of nowhere.

Some mappers map better, some worse. Some are good at detailing with little stuff, some are good at planning, some are good at infrastructure, some have great minds but little skills, some have multiple of those things if not all, and some have none.

I myself can rate myself 7/10 for planning and infrastructure and 4/10 for details. A solid 6/10 goes for skills. I improved drastically since I got my territory, but I want more. I want to be 10/10 in everything. And the best way to achieve that is by learning by pros, but how?

If any of the admins, or any other mapper who has excellent skills, made a reputation for himself, and is generally known for great mapping - I am kindly asking you to take about 20-25 minutes at least to carefully and understandably explain how does he/she do anything, and post it on YouTube. This can increase the quality of mapping for everyone greatly if done properly.

Thank you and, as always, happy mapping! :)

The first city in my new territory (Valka)

Posted by Lyriax on 18 March 2019 in English (English)

Hey mappers!

Recently I got my first territory. The capital city called Valka is located on the small Peninsula on the south coast. Please have a look (Click here for the MAP) and read the text. :D

First edits:

I have started with a fort on the eastern tip. Colonist have build this Fort after they first arrived. Now it serves as a tourist attraction. Other tourist attractions in near distance are the two beaches, and the fish market a bit north.

Further north is the main railway station, with an editing style where you can "see" the interior, like Gobras world port. The city will develop over time further north.

The city will have a tram network like I started, probably a subway system and in addition a commuter train network like the S-Bahn in Germany.

(The small island south of the coast are only temporary.)

Airport and north railway station:

The airport and the north railway station were prebuild in Commonia and moved to my territory. I will not touch them soon, but they will be continued to be developed later.

Next steps:

I will continue to develop the southern part and place some buildings here and there. Because I put much effort into detail work, progress overall is very slow. I will start with an european styled historic city center soon.


What can I do better? What can I add? What should I delete?... Any improvements I can make are very appreciated!! Please give me tips so I can even improve my mapping more!

Thank you guys!


Location: -11,545, 18,621

Feedback on my city...

Posted by AustinofOketia on 18 March 2019 in English (English)

I am the owner of Oketia (Formerly Dejaland) and would like some feedback on my city Marvin. It is the capital of my country and is modelled off of Canberra, Australia's capital. However, unlike Canberra this will be my country's most populous city. I have been to Canberra in real life so I have an image in my head of what I want to build. I want to plan my city out with the government area to be structured like the area around Parliament House (Canberra) but more inland have a structure similar to Melbourne like a Metropolis style city. Population in mind for this project is 5 Million People. I understand this is an ambitious project!

I need your feedback

  • What did I do well (I personally think I have really detailed the government area but you have a thought about this)
  • What I can improve on

Hopefully I can make a super-realistic city and I understand that good mapping comes with practise. Happy Mapping!

Location: -26.850, 145.919

New Town!

Posted by The Mapper on 17 March 2019 in English (English)

I have successfully created a new town - Arxentria! It is on the opposite side of the bay as Dawsonville and has a ferry and two roads connecting it to the outside world.

Location: -25.286, 168.243

OGFIFA World Cup 2018

Posted by JoJoBa on 17 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello. I wanted to start the topic of the OGFIFA World Cup 2018 tournament. As you can see on it's Wiki page, it's planned as a future event. Although it's 2019, this already should have been finished in mid 2018. Now I guess it's time to finish that too.

I am making a football stadium for my country [[Auronia]], and I may be a newer country, but I can show off and make a beautiful set of stadiums to host the OGFIFA 2018. I will tend to make the best OGFIFA that ever existed.

Now, I know, this is not related to mapping. But it actually is, somehow. Just the sentence above is about mapping. For an event important in a way for the whole world, this can push up anyone who hosts it. The host knows the OGFIFA will be watched by many OGF-ers, and the host will always try to make the detail and atmosphere as high as possible. The Wiki part isn't related to mapping, and is often left half empty. So basically mapping is the fun part here.

Now, finally, Auronia is not the richest country in Tarephia, and is not the most ideal nation that can host the OGFIFA WC. However, it's still very stable and open to everyone. It's economically reviving from the chaos it had 15 years ago, and today is a country of peace, cooperation and culture.

I don't have faith I will be chosen, but at least I will try, and place my bid to host the OGFIFA World Cup tournament in 2018.

Spaceport Of Commonia Finished Construction

Posted by TheIlluminix on 17 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello! The Spaceport Of Commonia is near completion. It should be finished in one day. Once it is finished, imports from the moon and railway links will be made. Happy flying!

Location: 14.964, 152.113

My New Country!

Posted by The Mapper on 17 March 2019 in English (English)

I got a new country today! I decided to name it Kohassiland (idk why) and it's located in South Archanta. I am very happy!

Location: -25.981, 168.522

Sovania Update 1

Posted by DudeMap555 on 16 March 2019 in English (English)

so i finally found a name for my territory: Sovania.

anyway, i haven't done much. i have started by making terrain. my plan is to make the South have more Rainforests and make the North have more Towns. all i did was rename it, and add the Lakeside rainforest. That's All For Now, Folks!


Location: -3.103, 119.298

OGF tutorials for all users to learn about how to do stuff on ogf

Posted by plainoldbread on 16 March 2019 in English (English)

Maybe like a video tutorial, showing how to make a town, city, hill, mountain, or other things. It would make sense because most of the new mappers don't usually read the wiki or apply any of the tips to their mapping, like I also did when I started out mapping, and probably still do. If we got a bunch of video tutorials on it it would actually make the users see the mapping style the person in the video uses to make realistic things.

I don't really know if this would be a possibility, but it will be cool if it was

Vivion Dealing Warheads

Posted by TheIlluminix on 16 March 2019 in English (English)

Vivion, one of my companies, is willing to sell rocket engines for intercontinental missiles and possibly a Quantum Splitter to zhenkang for his launch/nuclear site in Antigo. We would like to know where his site is stationed.

Location: 14.774, 152.684

Feedback on the Beginnings of a Cultural Collision Zone

Posted by geoboi on 15 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone,

This is a question about the CONCEPT, not the MAPPING QUALITY (yet).

I asked kaanhanel, the user in charge of mapping Elmali, if Leresso and Elmali could have a sort of "cultural collision zone" where the Everian and Turquese languages and cultures collide. In Everian, it is known as Xéstohyàlarés. In Ingerish, it is known as West River Territory. I definitely think, for the sake of verisimilitude, that more areas like Xéstohyàlarés should exist in the OGF world.

What do you guys think of this small-scale collaboration concept? Any advice for kaanhanel and I moving forward in terms of developing the history of the region and mapping?

I appreciate the feedback!

Location: -35.946, 7.074

I'm planning on making a japanese style country

Posted by plainoldbread on 15 March 2019 in English (English)

I'm planning on naming it the Lia Republic after a tranditional lianese flower that is a status symbol to long lasting happiness. I've created a Lianese language on Conworkshop here I've been looking at Orano for a bit and seeing what territory there would fit the lia republic.

New Territory

Posted by DudeMap555 on 14 March 2019 in English (English)

so i recently got my new territory. its ID is AR054, however, i have not decided on a name yet. so is there any tips you have? also, i have been reading the wiki too.

thanks, DMP5

Vilvetia relocation

Posted by Eretra on 14 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello everybody, my last diary entry was quite a while ago, and a lot has been going on since.

I left my island this week, because I was feeling a bit claustrophobic in it, but I kept some of my work I cared for.

I merged the work I did on my ex-capital and another city to create Sedina, that will be the second biggest city of Vilvetia. To help merge all the parts I transfered, that nearly all had a coastline before, I dabbled with the idea of a delta, with the rivers branches creating the "border" I needed to blend them with one another.

Vilvetia will be quite forested and mountainous in the south-east, with the exeception of one or two valleys that would be drained by a big rivers, and that would have become quite populated as it would be a route to Ascot, my eastern neighbor. The coasts would be quite populated as well, and a lot of the country will be farmlands or Jungle, as the mountains would retain most of the water inside Vilvetia

I will try to post here more often, if the occasion arises, but until then, Happy mapping everyone

Location: -2,504, 120,287

Space in OGF

Posted by theruler on 14 March 2019 in English (English)

I thought about space and OGF and the moon, and i made a handcrafted OGF-Earth with the Moon and the Sun, and i have some proposals for planet names:

  1. Carmentis (Mercury IRL)
  2. Hephaesdus (Venus IRL)
  3. Earth - or the Terra
  4. Nemesis (Mars IRL)
  5. Iris (Jupiter IRL)
  6. Minerva (Saturn IRL)
  7. Augustus (Uran-us IRL)
  8. Poseidon (Neptune IRL)
  9. Bonus (Pluto IRL)


Found a part in North Uletha that has a lot of landuse things

Posted by plainoldbread on 14 March 2019 in English (English)

Found this. I'm sure the admins were doing this at the beginning of ogf then forgot it

Location: 71.518, 35.307

How to make topographic projections in TopoMap?

Posted by theruler on 14 March 2019 in English (English)

So i've always wondered, how is the topograhic projections made in TopoMap? Many differerent territories have this beautiful projections and it makes me kinda envious.

How do you do it, and is it hard?

Is JOSM required, or is it available for ID?

  • Theruler

Moons of OpenGeoFiction

Posted by TheIlluminix on 13 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello, I am going to start building a spaceport named "Spaceport Of Commonia," but before I do, I need to ask you a question. How many moons do you think the world of OGF has? First 2 people to respond to this get a rocket named after them in the spaceport.

Btw, when the pole ends, the number with the most votes wins.

Signed, TheIlluminix

Location: 14.774, 152.687

Archanta floods

Posted by AustinofOketia on 13 March 2019 in English (English)

Archanta has been flooded with water? I have recently shifted my nation's coastline, only by about 10 meters to add more detail. I am wondering what causes the floods. I don't want to cause this again. I am wondering if it was me that caused this? How do I change the coastline without flooding?

New Company + New City

Posted by TheIlluminix on 13 March 2019 in English (English)

Hello there! I just recently started a city and came up with a company called "Nexus Inc." Comment one of your city's names to this entry if you want the trademark building in that city. The first 5 people will have a direct railway from the imports building of the coming soon Spaceport of Commonia connected to their city. Happy building!

Signed, TheIlluminix.

P.S. My new city's name is New Cryopticon. Coordinates for Nexus Inc. HQ building are stated.

Location: 14.774, 152.687
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