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Why is there no tram station

Posted by magnesium on 17 July 2018 in English (English)

I tried to make a tram line to somewhere but Iater noticed THERE WAS NO TRAM STATION. ...

Getting JOSM to work with OGF

Posted by AngryGroceries on 16 July 2018 in English (English)

I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to configure JOSM in order to edit OGF with it, but I have failed to find a tutorial that works with the current version. Like, jeez, it's kinda frustrating. I searched the entire forums for anything regarding how to get JOSM working with OGF, and couldn't find any scrap of information. It's also unhelpful that the wiki only provides about 1/6th of the information needed before just linking to this video. I can see why there was demand for a video tutorial, but now the only video tutorial we have doesn't line up with the current version of JOSM. Man, I just want to edit.

Any possible way to see past versions of OGF?

Posted by yoyo21 on 16 July 2018 in English (English)

I have been wondering if it is possible to see the OGF world as it was in the far past (relative to this site), such as say, 2015. (I'm not really looking for a certain date.) I think it would be cool to see how OGF has changed since then.

The only thing I have found is going to past versions of the overview map and seeing the different country shapes in certain areas (it looks extremely different in the AR120 area), but current mapping is shown underneath the country shapes. The mapping back then is what I would want to see, as it is hard to track down origins of old mapping. (I'm not looking to find the date that certain pieces of mapping were created either.)

I know this probably isn't realistic, but is there a way?

Personal Use

Posted by AngryGroceries on 16 July 2018 in English (English)

I've been using this site for about a day, but I do realize this is a private worldbuilding project and not strictly a tool. I really like the iD editor, but I'm trying to figure out how I can use it for my own personal use instead of a contribution to the project, because my setting doesn't exactly fit the guidelines. The answers I've found online seem trustworthy, but some level of coding seems to be required, and I'm no programmer. I've tried using the JOSM editor, but I still much prefer iD. Might the community have any suggestions?


Posted by Rusty on 14 July 2018 in English (English)

I haven't adopted a country, however I've got my eye on one but don't like the current name, does anyone know how to fix that?

Location: 50.928, 130.592

This question has been bothering me for quite a while...

Posted by zhenkang on 13 July 2018 in English (English)

I have been thinking, for the past few months, are there actually female users around? I mean, this OGF site has been pretty much dominated by males, and usernames don't tell us much.

I am asking this not because I am one (I am not anyway), but just being curious if it is a fact that only men are interested in geofiction and mapping.

Bonus question: How are women treated in your country? Is there some huge gap between the genders such as access to jobs and education? Does gender inequality exist in your country and how are your governments trying to 'bridge the gap'? (just a check on women rights around the OGF world)

Messy Coastal Cities in Tarrion

Posted by geoboi on 13 July 2018 in English (English)

Hmm. So, as I was looking through Commonia, I revisited a site of one of my planned projects, Cape Alhano, and found that it was overrun with a messy, unrealistic grid system. After doing more digging, I found these messy grid cities littering the Tarrion coast, even near Coast City. What should we do with them?

Location: West Coast Expressway, Port Siji, Lakes County, Tarrion, Commonia

Embassies in Illiria

Posted by arberia on 12 July 2018 in English (English)

Dear all, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Illiria invites you to provide a representation of your country in order to strenghten the billateral relations of your countries and ours.

Please, pick a place in Babel, our capital city to place the diplomatic representation of your country (embassy or consulate).

If you consider to place any other institution related to the promotion of your country (related to education, business, trade, tourism, etc.), please inform of your intentions previously on PM.


Press Cabinet. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kingdom of Illiria

Location: Zogu i Bardh, Autostradë, Babel, Illiria

Help with county boundaries

Posted by Logan230 on 11 July 2018 in English (English)


I'm having issues setting up county lines in my state, Aperia. My goal is to have the line say "Lee County" on that side of the line. Here are the tags I have set as a relation for every border of the county:

name = Lee County
type = boundary
boundary = administrative
admin_level = 6
place = county

Any help is appreciated!

Location: -38.472, 158.708

Island Keeps Disappearing

Posted by MarcustheMapper on 11 July 2018 in English (English)


My island keeps disappearing, it still has a coastline, however the land just blends into the sea.

Please message me if have reasons why.

Thank You

Location: Bayside, Falcon Island, UL052


Posted by Eretra on 10 July 2018 in English (English)

After my precedent diary entry, I've created a discord server for those who want to interact with my nation

Here's the link :

EDIT : the link is no longer valid, since this seems to be a somewhat sensitive subject, that wasn't my goal at all. The discod will stay private from now on. If you want to interact with Vilvetia, use PM and we'll continue on discord / PM or wiki when I'll have made more progress

Location: Salutan Kingdom

The Eye

Posted by Eretra on 10 July 2018 in English (English)

Hey everyone, it's first entry !

I've "finished" an island, named the Eye after it's volcano, and would like some feedback, especially for how to show altitude better than what I've done so far

It's an tourism oriented place with hotels, beaches and some luxurious residences, and an hiking trail who goes up, aournd and into the crater of an ancient volcano.

I was also thinking of having a F1 race around the island, with the stands near the harbor, and don't really know what I need to add/remove/adjust to make it work, if some of you would help me with that, I'll be gratefull !

Location: Salutan Kingdom

New City

Posted by strayamate on 10 July 2018 in English (English)

Hi everyone! I created a new city north of a small town it’s National Park. Obviously, I need to fix up the freeway and major things, and I’m going to add a big addition west of the city.

What are your thoughts so far? Any criticism is supported, but keep in mind this is a “Regional” City, not a major one. So the motorway doesn’t need to be changed, unless y’all have better ideas. Thank you!

Location: AN152d

People are unhappy with my flag; therefore I have made some other proposals

Posted by andrepoiy on 9 July 2018 in English (English)

People have been expressing discontent with my national flag. In reality, I don't care what you think, but to pacify those who are angry, I have listed some proposals for a new flag made by me and other users here: (SCROLL DOWN)

Please comment some of your thoughts, and which design you prefer on the talk page.

I myself would prefer Proposal 1 or 3.

Stereotypes of Your Country

Posted by geoboi on 8 July 2018 in English (English)

Hey OGF World!

So, I just saw this interesting video on clichés from countries around the world and thought "Hey, what would it be like here in the OGF world?"

So, I'm here to ask people to create a cliché from their OGF country that may or may not be true! Feel free to add it to the comments. I can't wait to see what you guys create!

Here's an example:

Leresso (my country): We drink a lot of wine (true, kind of).

Flooded island

Posted by Arisuaq on 7 July 2018 in English (English)

Could someone, who is using JOSM, revert this change? I was deleting some vandalism in Pelanesia, but I deleted also a coastline of one big island by a mistake, so there are only boundaries seen in the sea. I also wrote to admins, but they don't have much time now probably. Thanks in advance. Arisuaq.

Location: -22,431, -129,683


Posted by iiEarth on 7 July 2018 in English (English)

Hey, guys, I have a question. Actually, questions:

How much should the population of a city be to make it... 'major'? I know that you can't just make a point, call it a city, and put its population to 150 mn, saying it is major. Also, how much should the pop. be for it to have: an airport, its own companies, big parks, and others.

Pretanic Demilitarised Zone

Posted by zhenkang on 4 July 2018 in English (English)

Well, Bhj867 and I have just finished zoning off the Pretanic Demilitarised Zone (PDZ), possibly one of the longest heavily fortified border in the world. Not wanting to brag, but it is quite significant even in the OGF world.

If you (an Antigoan) try to even enter the zone, 40 bullets will start hailing at you, and possibly 3 to 5 grenades will be thrown, and last of all, get exploded by a landmine before you can cross to paradise in Pretany. Charming. (Antigoan Propaganda-Why even try to escape the paradise of Antigo and go to the hell in Pretany? Why also die in this disgraceful manner?)

Comparing to the Korean Demilitarised Zone, it is much longer, and zigzags crazily not on one straight latitude (the DMZ in Korea used to go along the 38th parallel, but the current one is not). However, it is still slightly too straight for some parts.

There are still some more things to do, such as adding more army bases on both sides, creating a Joint Security Area where negotiations can take place, and make it more zig-zag-gy like this.

The border is believed to be formed after an armistice is signed between the two states of Pretany and Antigo following some sort of civil war. Similar to how the DMZ in Korea is created.

Behind the senses, bhj867 and I are still discussing for potential border conflicts, such as a case for hikers from Rickorack Reserve getting lost and entering Antigo by accident. (Hike at your own risk!)

Cyb goorth iigh Wysthyr | The latest about Wyster

Posted by Rasmus Rasmusson on 3 July 2018 in English (English)

Si caedhys moocstat sie hoostec peubh ygh paef ranael ug weas ceal sie hoostec, his ug vemefnu vicstat gu it no Wysthyr eglis ceal untensubh. Begher hirtyn, ug màh ca se hen se judhghen hiven sie Wysthyr po creelle. Er gesaerva menner ug paevàst po earre: ug daecena ecest oncun ghavenne ym pòbynnerthe ym sie hemys cehe. Ym meheven er pyh heanne sie hiven ceal egul, ug ivyrth oog po connostat menner paevist east weas meub.

A recent change in my free time priorities gave me some extra time, so I used the opportunity to work on Wyster a bit more intensively. As of today, three out of fourteen counties of Wyster have been completely covered with stuff. This doesn’t mean that I have finished with them: names and buildings and other things still have to be added. And since it concerns three of the smaller counties, I can tell with certainty that I won’t be finished any time soon.

Cartest de! | Happy Mapping!

The mountain south of Klausburg

Posted by tule00 on 30 June 2018 in English (English)

Hey fellow mappers,

I have transformed a mountain from a single way (natural=wood) into a way more detailed map. What do you all think?

Best regards

Location: Klausburg, Stat Klausburg, Oberlant, Reeland (Reelant)
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