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Commonia is Flooded again, Northern Atleast.

Posted by TheAquaBarron on 17 January 2019 in English (English)

So No hate or anything, But who messed with the coastline and Flooded northern Commonia again? I just want to know because it took me by surprise to see that the Hybrid Springs area was completely submerged by water. Let's just hope that the flood is stopped and the culprit has something to say. But otherwise all is normal

Auto-Calculating Inter-City Travel Passenger Numbers - A new attempt

Posted by Leowezy on 16 January 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone,

I've spent some time the last couple of days on a rather intensive project, where I once again took on the task to crunch some numbers regarding inter-city train travel in Kojo. I've now officially opened my first Bliki to showcase the results, and would love to hear your thoughts as well as your advise on my follow-up question.



Starting Another City

Posted by CartographerKing on 15 January 2019 in English (English)

Now that I finished the Franquese Corner, Portulia, and most of the surrounding suburb towns of Portulia, I needed a new project. On the other side of my country there is an unnamed great lake. This lake, through talks with owners of the states, will be a trading center for the states of AR120 and the UCP. That stated, I knew I needed to make a city to fit this trading theme. So to the quick explanation: New Castle is a city that was once was ruled by a smaller Empire in Pre-UCP times. New Castle (previous name to be decided) was a hearth for the monarchical government that ruled the empire. Later on, this empire merged with the UCP, although still has shared power of Lakeside county (most of the small empires land). I decided to base New Castle roughly on London. The main similarities are the English street names and the layout of the land around the monuments dotted around the city. However, I need some help deciding. 1. What Do The Think Of The City So Far? 2. Is There Anything I Need To Add To Make It Feel More Like The London style? 3. What Should The City's Old Name Be? 4. How Big Should This Old Empire Be? 5. Should I allow some collaboration in the city?

Happy Mapping, CartographerKing

Location: -42.581, 139.428

Please rate my airport!

Posted by Lyriax on 15 January 2019 in English (English)

Hey guys,

so winter break is already over now and now I have time to write a diary entry. I wanted to ask you guys to review/look over/rate my airport, that I build over the winter break and the last days. So I build it in Commonia, because I wanted to start a project, until my requested territory gets approved, but since it didn't I finished my project in Commonia.

As you can see the airport is pretty big and would be one of the larger ones in the OGF world. I tried to include all amenities, that an airport needs. If you find any missing amenities or buildings, please feel free to comment.

Also some of the industrial areas spread to the north and south of the airport are not finished yet.

Thank you for your reviews and have fun exploring my airport.


Location: 17,651, 147,711

Replacing "Peaceland"

Posted by FancyFoxy on 14 January 2019 in English (English)

Not too long ago, I decided to change my country's name to something new. I've come up with some ideas, what do you all think?

"Albert/Albertia/Albertland" - The last name of the guy who leads whatever movement that leads to my country's founding. I still need to decide on an actual history, but Albert is the name I chose for whatever it ends up being. I already named a city in my country Albert, though.

"Pacton/Pactell" - Like Peaceland, but I use the word Pact instead.

"New Bailand/New Bai" - If the Bai Empire does end up happening, this name would follow a history where my country was originally part of it.

"Peacia/Peacan/Peacton/Peacester" - Some names that still use the word Peace.

If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear some.

Location: -24.833, 25.340

Need to fix something

Posted by Arisuaq on 14 January 2019 in English (English)

Could sometone fix this relation? I think I've messed something with my edits. Thanks alot. Arisuaq.

JOSM has stumped please??

Posted by louis_walker on 13 January 2019 in English (English)

Sorry, this is bush league, but...I can usually figure out what went wrong when I get JOSM error messages, but I have not been able to figure out what to do to correct this, and now I've got a significant update that I can't upload.

Any help from those of you who don't find JOSM totally inscrutable would be much appreciated!!

You can see a screencap of the error message here:


Posted by Arisuaq on 12 January 2019 in English (English)

Hi, I'd like to ask, what do you think about my freshly mapped village, named Paarnat? It's a small village on island with same name, with 53 inhabitans. Thanks for your opinions.

Location: -58,218, 137,102

Which green territories are really available?

Posted by LucasTheKing on 12 January 2019 in English (English)

Hello everyone

I'm new here, actually I have been editing for 7 days and I made a request for a territory, but since the admin is busy and probably there's a lot of request wating for approval, I'm concerning about it because I'm making a country,and I chose a green territory to settle it, but if someone already requested it, I will have to throw away a lot of stuff I made due to my country is getting huge, and everything I make has something to do with my requested territory.

So my question is: Did someone here request the UL303 Territory? And which territories are available?

Some updates on the PTV + An overwikification clean-up bot?

Posted by austinhuang on 8 January 2019 in English (English)

I have all kinds of busy stuff so I didn't map as much.

Public Transport Viewer updates

(If you don't know what PTV is, read my previous diary entry.)

  • Lines and stations will now render if you scrolled past the antimeridian. Especially useful if you forgot which direction you should scroll to see lines in Kartumia. (Originally, it'll give a "Bad Request" error, as Overpass cannot accept East/West values outside -180~+180.) However, the map CANNOT include the antimeridian itself. (You probably wouldn't do that, it's just water.)
  • New ogf:opacity tag. Put in a value between 0 and 1 and it'll change the opacity of all lines as well as all nodes of the relation. Defaults to 1.
  • More details on a line. Before it was like...


Now... (Shown with all available details displayed. Of course, it'll not show tags you didn't add, but this should encourage people to fill in details!)


An overwikification clean-up bot?

(No, I'm not replying on the wiki topic. It's not like I have anything to say to that. I am following though.)

Anyways. Will you guys look favourably upon a wiki bot that deletes pages that fits all the criteria below...

  • In Category:Pages for deletion
  • Has only 1 contributor

...which account for a significant part (at least 20% of deletions include the reason "and the only contributor was ") of past deletions?

If so, I could write a bot in Node.js and host it in, then have the admin provide me with a bot account. But first I need to know if you guys would actually like it.

That's pretty much it. glhf


Posted by ADB52 on 7 January 2019 in English (English)

The search function (Nominatim) has broken, any search returns the result:

Error contacting execution expired

This on top of the direction finder being out of action for over a year. And the territory requests taking a little while longer than usual.

Maybe the idea to put a temporary stop on territory requests until everything is sorted out is the way to get on top of all of these issues.

There really is a problem with the territory requests right now

Posted by JuLn on 7 January 2019 in English (English)

Many people said it before, but territory requests are taking way too long to be approved. I have requested a territory at the beginning of September, the admin told me it would take a few days for them to approve my request. A month later, I messaged them again to remind them of my request, and 3 days after they told me they've been dealing with a lot of issues but that they would get back to me soon. Since I hadn't heard from them for months, I messaged them again towards the end of December, asking them if they had an idea of how long it would take them to approve my request. I haven't heard from them since.

So i have 3 questions for you guys: 1-Do you have any idea what could be the 'issues' the admins are dealing with? 2-Has a similar experience happened to you? 3-If you asked for a territory but did not receive it yet, for how long have you been waiting?

Honestly, I think they should recruit some admins that would work only on accepting territory requests, cause right now it's problematic.

Capital City Reworks

Posted by kingfries on 4 January 2019 in English (English)

Happy New Year folks! Currently started redoing my capital city. Maybe this time a bit more... spaced properly. Looking to finish embassy area this week or so. . We'll see. If finished will invite you. Also worked on an island, really proud on myself for actually showing some signs of focusing ahem ahem Will learn editing links too. Been here since late DEC '15, about time I do. But off to bed now, its 2.30am almost.

Happy new year, Happy mapping, Greetings Kingfries

Hey Everyone!

Posted by plainoldbread on 3 January 2019 in English (English)

I'm back right now, and I feel like I can continue the rest of Arlington because I want it to be as big as Ottawa is. The thing about Ottawa is that it's at 900K population and Arlington is at 1M, so I would need to at least make it a little bit bigger.

Location: Aginaw, Brusselspoint, Lenwood, Renault County, Fyndarie, Planoria

Back and here to stay. +Introduction to Islatramma

Posted by Jamie Clumpas on 1 January 2019 in English (English)

Hey everyone! I'm Jamie, and the owner of TA106, AKA Islatramma. I had been operating quite a bit through August and September, maintaining a minimal presence in the forum and dairy, anticipating what has kept me away since then; end of year exams. Now that these are over, I'm ready to really start making a presence in the community and to improve the rate and quality of my mapping.

Now to the good stuff :-)

Islatramma is a tropical nation in eastern Tarephia. The nation has had a history of colonialism and wars, however, the nation is stable, independent and democratic in modern times. Overall, it's style is greatly influenced by Castellanese and Florecentian settlement in its early history. Its modern economy is focused mostly on trading and transhipment, heavy industry (especially oil mining), and science and technology. Aerospace is one of the largest technologies in Islatramma, and I plan on mapping a large space launch complex and facilities for a large aircraft manufacturing conglomerate, Skylink (which is not-so-loosely based on Airbus). I'm happy if you want to use Islatrammese aircraft for your national carriers, too.

That's some of the more important aspects of Islatramma. If you guys have any suggestions or questions, I'd love to hear them.


Location: Suficiencia, Islatramma

Happy New Years!

Posted by theruler on 31 December 2018 in English (English)

Hello everyone, and happy new years! So, here in Hifnakia, we are making us ready for the new years. The beautiful Magaz Skyscraper and Microm Tower in Køby are making themselves ready for the fireworks show! We also celebrated Yalod, the 21st of December! The celebration of Sultan and Wise man Abu Khariya I's death.

So, what are our traditions for new years? Well, alcohol and swine meat is prohibited in Hifnakia and can cost your time, but whatever? We have something we call Neutralchampagne which is a Neutralalkohol, meaning, that instead of Alcohol, it is Carbon Dioxide and Carbonic Acid!

We have that, and then we have the duck and turkey. We pretty much just eat duck, as in Hifnakia, we have so many ducks, that ducks literally use our room for agriculture and stuff, but nevertheless, whole ducks only cost around 18 HFR (15 USD), and whole turkeys go for around 24 HFR (22 USD), sooo.

We have the most delicious ducks, and "the AN even says"(not official, but maybe) that Hifnakians are some of the best for Animal Safety!

Then we eat Pikant Rispilau (Savory Rice Pilau), made with Jasmine Rise, Saffron, Various Spices and a chicken stock.

We then eat Dasik, which is a yoghurt with cucumber (Like Tzatsiki).

And then the Neutralchampagne, and then go out and celebrate.

POI and History

Soooo, with the traditions away, we go to the real world. Hifnakia has been under drastic changes and evolution, and i think that at this point, my mapping is pretty nice, and i can map pretty much without regretting it.

As of June 2018, i got UL030b, (yesss), and i called it Hifnakia. I ignored everything that everyone told me, and straight out mapped cities without geography.

As of August 2018, i regretted it. A nice guy called Trombonist2003 helped me remove all of Hifnakia, and it got straight forward :-)

Then in December 2018 i regretted it. Again, Geography was my least favorite :-( Now i deleted the whole thing myself! You can see the old mapping in TopoMap (slow Topomap)



And now we are here today.


I am just mapping Køby, right now the urban parts of it :-)

All the other settlements

Yup... Not really kind of mapped yet, but hey, still time to read, write and learn more about Urban Planning :-)

Thanks for Austin Huang, Trombonist, TheCuteChick and Jesus Antonio for supporting me on my adventure :-)

So long 2018, Hello 2019!

Posted by zhenkang on 31 December 2018 in English (English)

Parodying this:

Disclaimer: Some shameless propaganda in this entry.

Antigo is wrapping up its massive celebrations of the 111th birthday of the late leader and founder J. L. Briarmack, and replacing with decorations for the New Year. Our Great Supreme Leader T. K. Briarmack is now endorsing a law to allow celebrations for tonight's party to welcome the new year of peace and prosperity of the great nation of Antigo.

I am not sure how long Antigo has existed on OGF, but I believe it is around three years, thanks to bhj867 who decided to make a dictatorial nation just next to his primary country the Imperial Kingdom of Pretany, under which Antigo suffered at least 700 years of oppressive Pretanic rule. The nation of Antigo has seen quite massive changes and additions to the map, with new towns and farms in Dunthagalia and Kuyak (thanks to Rustem Pasha), some nice border towns (Gut and Daulselon) and probably some corrections to its duchies, down from 50 to 39.

Let me give a few highlights of Antigo, which I doubt I managed to elaborate much on my 2nd-anniversary diary.

Places of interest

  • Antigo City - When I first came to Antigo, I decided to edit there, and well, I added a few notable landmarks throughout the capital, such as the two mausoleums of the late (not dead, erm well, they are dead) leaders of Antigo, the Great Temple of Antigo, the Government Quarter and the Square of Justice, the Antigo Metro, Sealoson Hill, said to be a massive battleground where John Briarmack killed off 400 Pretanic soldiers (in reality he was in Kuyak), a pretty unmapped castle and much more. I also attempted to build a neighbourhood inspired from Soviet cities, which is not so bad. However, after that, I decided not to develop more of the capital yet, since I am quite disastified with the inner core of the capital; I want it to be more organised, but of course a part of it needs to be retained as part of the 'old city' from the old Antigoan Kingdom. I have some thoughts of imitating Kiev, but besides that I have not much plans for the capital yet. I will come back to it in a years' time (I hope).

  • Daulselon - My personal creation in Antigo. Well, I have also spent some time developing the city, inspired by the North Korean border city of Kaesong. I haven't worked on the farms yet, but at least I have created a military base and a nearby military school? Pretanic invasion, you say? Activating 500 military personnel!

  • Gut - This is Udi's work, but I have made a few tweaks such as adding a tram system, reclassfying some roads, and added an air base. This air base is one of the key symbols of the Antigoan National Revolution, displaying the Imperialists' intent of destroying Antigo if there was any rebellion. However, Pretany actually didn't authorise the air base construction and the subsequent air bombing, but oh well, who cares about historical accuracy?

  • Kessetouralik - Nothing impressive here, since it is pretty much unmapped. This is because the user assigned to this has been busy doing some stuff at Perkins Point, his first city in OGF, and his nation of, hmm, should I say? Anyway, it is meant to be Antigo's very first capital during its years as a monarchy. Nothing much here, let's move on to the nearby surrounding areas... (no photography sire! Yes you!)

  • Duchy of Dunthagalia - Probaby Antigo's key duchy as agriculture producer. This is Rustem Pasha's work, and I like the detailed farms he made. So, I have started to name the roads in the duchy, number them, and also proceeded to start detailing several villages and towns. I have been doing works on this duchy recently.

  • Kontroga - Antigo's largest city. But hmm, pretty much unmapped. This is what I will develop next year if I have the time. No pictures allowed, let's move further east...

  • Taparokagrad - A gateway from Antigo to Suria, I quite like the former user's work there, until he was banned somehow... I will work on there with the new guy, who is quite busy now with his own nation, but has some plans for the developments of the duchy.

  • Alam - Let's not be Ala(r)med if a nuke has been launched there, just routine exercises. As brought up in my previous diary entry, this desert should be smaller than it should have been, and probably as a result of human activities. I will get back to this desert one day, maybe next year, and really build its nuclear testing sites, its military bases, gulags etc.

  • Del Kilsur - Almost forgetting this city, which is pretty unmentionable as it is believed to be held by rebels. I have worked in Karak-a-ja for a while, before letting a go to the user mapping there. I have more or less assigned FictiveJ as well to monitor the area for me, since I have much other stuff to focus on.

  • Other places? - Well, nothing much, just villages, farms, forests, propaganda slogans etc. Unimpressive, but still, work in progress.

2019 in Antigo?

  • 80th Anniversary of its liberation from Pretany. Let's celebrate with a bigger bang! (no nukes idiot, take out the fireworks!)

  • Fewer nuclear testing or none at all. (I will nuke at the rockets from Vodeo, but wait... a bit too far off the radar. Never mind.)

  • More works at eastern Antigo. I hope I will spend some time there since it is pretty much unmapped, and also hope I get to fulfil the 30% mark for a second territory.

  • Upcoming state companies in Antigo, and hopefully some international brands. Yeah, yeah Antigo may be opening up its markets, but let's see if our Respected Supreme Leader is in the right mode/mood... (We welcome Empire Coffee since Verona Coffee rejected to open its branches...)

  • New international relations? So far, there has been discussions of relations with Altavia, Beaumontan, Belphenia and Mauretia. I hope Suria and Mazan will open up next year, and see how it goes. As always, Antigo is also willing to have any relations. Contact the Department of International Relations for info.

Final notes

There has been too much talking about Antigo, so I want to ask, what is your wish for OGF for 2019? Less short-time users? More blue nations? A clean-up of Commonia? Just reply down here!

As always, Happy New Year!

All hail the Briarmacks! (Antigo's national anthem plays)

YouTube Channel for OpenGeofiction?

Posted by theruler on 30 December 2018 in English (English)

I have an idea... I thought earlier today that maybe a YouTube Channel for OGF could be a good idea. Introducing new people to the website, and showing some of the greatest artpieces on the OGF world?

Feel free to comment!


Posted by Rick on 29 December 2018 in English (English)

Hi. I am starting on this fabulous website, I have a big city project on paper, and I would like to make a virtual map of it. It seems to me that I am in the right place, but I am very beginner and I do not speak English I translate through Google. I would like you to support me with some tips or how to make the map Thank you

Location: Astwick, Midland, Ingerland

Tourist coastal island

Posted by miles854 on 28 December 2018 in English (English)

I am working on a coastal island supported largely by tourism, such as people vacationing there for the holidays and in the summer to enjoy the beach, or those looking to get to the beach a few hours drive from where they live as a quick weekend trip. I'd like some help shaping the island so it isn't super wide, and is shorter on both the far right and far left sides of it, has room in the middle for multiple streets, and looks a bit more like a realistic island. I'd also like some help making the island a little bit bigger in size. Can someone help me with this? I have ideas in mind for what will go on the island, which will probably be just a single town, but I first need help making a good island, which I have little experience in doing. I'm getting some inspiration for my island from the island where the town of Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina, USA is, which is a place I've been to a few times over the years as I have some relatives who live not far from there.

The island is off the coast of the town of Newington, south of West Bay City in the country of Commonia.

Location: Rond sur Mer, Mellieur sur Mer, Commonia
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