Posted by SnowFoliage on 5 March 2022 in English (English).

I have previously built up a major city (yes, I love making metropolitan areas.) called Meredy, of the prefecture for which it is named after, in Rhododactylia while I still have no territory claims, I had another older account that was working on surrounding areas, and I think I labeled the city before on this account, I actually got it off to a headstart, I did previously do a former large (now tiny) city called Linden, without understanding how the motorway and other major highway layout should be according to OGF standards on said old account, I was reminded that after submitting a diary entry asking for opinions on the area, that the layout had way too many motorways and such, I live in Chicago metro so that’s sort of where I got this precise idea from, and maybe into why I love building made-up metro areas in the first place.

Inspiration for Meredy project? After a really long period of inactivity getting started on my content creating, I came back to OGF on the present account, and revisited these areas and decided to start the Meredy project, grueling weeks of effort placed into this and finally done. Well, I felt maybe a little expansion for the city wouldn’t be too bad, no additional motorways/trunk roads are being planned, mostly some new residential development around the current development. So, after learning mistakes from asking about a former city with unnecessary motorways, limiting myself down to three passing through, with one of them initially a secondary, then primary road, and then for the final mile it’s briefly a motorway and then terminates. One starts north of downtown and continues east, the other is the “main” motorway on the south and east sides of the city and continues in both directions away from the city. Now see if you think it’s a great layout since I have done all that work a few months back on this account, and tell me if I should do the expansion project I already labeled or not and also if I am yet worthy enough of eventually claiming a territory.

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