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Posted by Anonymous21 on 4 March 2022 in English (English).


I am starting to map my territory in East Uletha, Kåra and I was wondering how I can go about adding my country to the Assembly of Nations.

Although I am still in the early stages of mapping my country, my country has/will have: * high standards of living nationally * a written constitution guaranteeing individual and civil liberties * democratically elected leaders, both executive and legislative * a federalist government, with powers divided between the national and state governments * a market economy with appropriate governmental regulation

Anyway, I think that my country would fit well in the AN.



Comment from Bixelkoven on 4 March 2022 at 21:25

There are no special procedures regarding the joining of the AN, as a sovereign nation, yours gets to join in automatically unless you personally don’t want so.

As for the ‘lore’ behind Kåra (government, economical situation, etc.), that’d be all left for the country’s wiki page, which I recommend you start making only after sufficiently filling your territory with enough mapping.

Comment from Anonymous21 on 5 March 2022 at 00:26

So what do I need to do to join? Is there someone I need to ask or do I just go ahead and edit the AN wiki to put my country in it?

Comment from Lithium-Ion on 5 March 2022 at 00:27

Right now my (possibly wrong) understanding is that you should add your country to the list here:

Comment from Alessa on 5 March 2022 at 04:35

If you need a template for your country to add to the AN page that Lithium correctly listed and others, just let me know which country. If there’s a flag, I’ll gladly make the flag template for you.

Comment from Anonymous21 on 5 March 2022 at 21:25


I you are willing to do that, I would really appreciate it! A couple of things to note:

  • I prefer that the name be listed with the diacritic on the first a, so “Kåra” rather than “Kara”, but it can just be alphabetized as if it were “Kara”
  • I actually created a flag design for the country just yesterday. I have it in an .svg format (if I understood correctly, that’s how it’s uploaded, but I can also get it in a .pdf, .jpg, or .png format if needed). It’s on the wiki page, so let me know if you aren’t able to get it from there.


Comment from Alessa on 6 March 2022 at 01:37

@Anonymous21: Happy to help. The template can be found at {{Kara}} whenever you’d need it. The diacritic does appear within the template itself, but it will not be used in the naming of the template. Your article will also be moved, as Rustem explained to you; but I’ll get around to it in the near future.

Comment from Anonymous21 on 6 March 2022 at 02:33

Okay, thank you so much!

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