(Re-)Introducing Deodeca

Posted by TheMayor on 27 March 2022 in English (English).

The reimagined, rebooted Deodeca project is now available for mapping. The new Dominion of Deodeca is intended to be an English-language state-based project that is meant to be something of a counterbalance to the American-inspired Federal States of Archanta to the east, a nation comprised of Commonwealth-inspired former colonies that remained loyal to the Crown when the FSA initially declared independence.

Deodeca is not intended to be the “OGF version” of any real-world nation, although Canadian and Australian influences are anticipated.

Sketch map

Deodeca also includes a new collaborative territory named Agawaskway, a southern Ontario-inspired region organized by varnel_maiser.

If you are interested in participating in the project or have any questions about requesting a territory, please let me know.

Happy mapping!



Deodeca is one of several state-based collaborative projects in South Archanta, including Ardencia and the Federal States. All three projects have several vacancies and ways for interested mappers to get involved.

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