April Contour Run

Posted by Luciano on 1 April 2022 in English (English). Last updated on 3 April 2022.

I am preparing to run new and updated contours for the ogf-topo layer tomorrow.

Currently I have submissions for:

zone-alved (SwissCrusader) zone-liberian (pzs111111) zone-udzdanarat (Ūdilugbulgidħū)

Are there any other contour updates?

If you have material for me, please remember to follow the procedure outlined at the bottom of my blog post (Part IV):

I will not accept “made from scratch” .osm files moving forward. Contour submissions MUST be edits of downloaded templates, per the outlined procedure (I have ways of knowing)! If templates don’t exist, you must ask me to create one before editing your contours.

Happy mapping.

[UPDATE 2022-04-03] I ran into some problems running these contours. Specifically, Udzdanarat is too close to the “edge of the world” which creates some very strange boundary conditions that give the ogfsrtm scripts “out of memory” errors. I have run out of time to work on this - so unfortunately contour re-load will be delayed for now. Sorry all.

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