Want to be a deity? Here's your chance! (Not your normal religion post)

Posted by Alessa on 9 April 2017 in Maltese (Malti). Last updated on 2 February 2018.

I know the topic of religion comes up periodically, and I think we all seem to be pretty civil and sensitive to the nature of the topic. (Thank you for that, by the way.) Well, today, I’m throwing that all out the window…

I have decided to take up the challenge of creating a pantheon of deities for a Mauro pagan religion based on OGF users and their collaborative input. If you want to be enshrined as a deity, demigod, hero, angel/demon, leviathan, etc., head on over to the bliki page and jump in. I explain more there and give the rationale for this project. Maybe it will be fun. I’m hoping it is an interesting collaborative experiment!

(N.B.: No user will be a part of the pantheon without their expressed consent. If you don’t want to be a part of this, you don’t have to fear.)

I’ll see you on the bliki!

Comment from BMSOUZA on 9 April 2017 at 18:44

Hehehe, I just read about it in your bliki. It was a funny and interesting idea to a new religion, hehehe

PS: I dont want to be a deity, hehehe

Bruno Moreira

Comment from TheMapper27 on 9 April 2017 at 19:26

The hero Dzeire, who helped the Mauroi win every war.

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