Mapper since: October 04, 2018

Last updated March 7, 2023

I am Currently (more) Active on Arhet.


I am Drogda, You can call me The Ramosian. I own Sowal in Tarphea

You can contact me in English and in Filipino, though I will respond in Taglish.

Kung gusto mo mag-message sa akin sa Filipino sige lang. Maiindindihan ko naman

Cities I’ve built in Blue, Collaborative & other users’ countries

text in Italics are cities/towns that ceased to exist. links are approximate places where they existed. The cities/towns are in no particular order so the first may be built 1 month ago then the next one was built in 2018.

Gobrassanya (Collaborative)

Midistland (Collaborative)

AR902 (Blue)

AR922 (Blue) download * Mithujanan 2022

AR926 (Blue)

Commonia (Blue)

Kuehong (Zhenkang/Owned)

AR103 (Avalable)

Rhododactlya (Blue)

Mecyna (Open Collaborative)

AR923 (Blue)

Michisaukee, FSA (Open Collaborative)

AR101 (Avalable)

AR120-13 and 16 (Avalable) Old Thermond

If you are here because I changed your city name

I probably changed it because you were not using the right language in they territory. Check the territory language your city is in the Overview Map. If it is, check other cities around you, for example Commonia can be mapped in whatever language you like, but look at other town and cities around you and the prefered language is Chinese. I could also change it because of Etymology. the possible Etymology may not be appropriete for the territory, even if you are using the right language . or example the name Twilight Sparkle is not an appropriete Town name. Think about it. Why did settelers name your city that? For example the name Avonbury come from Avon, River and Bury, a Fortified enclosure. So Avonbury may mean Fortified River. Being hard-headed may result in Admins deleting your city, so leave it how it is.

Other Projects I have made

The Great Begi Mountains and surronding natural areas before wangi nuked it

Arhet Profile

For future reference, original filipino settelments in AR902 (not translated names)