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My goals,plans and purposes.

Posted by Hasdrubal Sauradan on 7 October 2018 in English (English)

Hi everyone!

In this essay, I'll be trying explain to you, what will I do and my goals.

Firstly, I need to finish geographical things and arrangements about it, before constructing cities, special zones(industrial, mining or ports etc.) and roads. Unless I can do them, I can't construct cities. You may sure that, my country's geografy will be so good and amazing, At least I hope so.

Secondly, I wil not making American-Type Cities or others. I have an idea about this thing and planning. By the way I'm obsessive about geometry, symmetry and layouts. I think for another plan about my city plannings too.

Thirdly, There will be Equatorial-Semitic culture, in my country. The reason I choose it about my plans and purposes. Another reason is, I want to create a different culture and race and I called it Mascarens. It is a culture of Arabic-Jewish blending. Their language will be looking like Arabic and Hebrew but will not be using Semitic Alphabets, just Latin alphabet cause of easier than Semitic alphabets.

Except those, I'll continue to use English about roads, ports and special things, just names will be different . I wrote as much as my English and I'm looking forward to your thinks, criticisms and opinions!

Thanks for reading your understanding!

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New Beginning

Posted by Hasdrubal Sauradan on 13 May 2018 in English (English)

I left Tedima, because I disgusted and get bored. I always wanted to an island territory and I got it thanks to admin :) I strove so much and I succeeded!

Now I have different plan, I must raise new island country Mascarena and it must recognize by the world. I'll try to go further and construct US style cities.

This time, I'll never give up and I'll reach my goals in future.

Everything will be better than past.

Happy mapping!

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My future plans

Posted by Hasdrubal Sauradan on 28 February 2018 in English (English)

I had been so much sad cause of cancellation my law lesson however I returned my home town at an early time so I had a bit of time for mapping in my country.

Today I assambled my railroads and I constructed new roads,railroads builds and somethings :)

Tomorrow I'll try to working about some cities Penimah,Haderah,Tadilah and Homiyah...

Do you know that I inspired my towns or cities names from Hebrew and Arabic :)

Already some people can understand Kadimah,Penimah and Homiyah are from Hatikvah...

That's all for now,in future time I'll synthesize Hebrew and Arabic languages,cultures and their modern life styles.

BTW I'll give name to great river (on the left great river) that name will be Zionminah..


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In the end Tedima is ready for world...

Posted by Hasdrubal Sauradan on 27 January 2018 in English (English)

I struggled for complete motorways and build some cities.

But time has come.I will work so much for my country again, but my country needs development and knowledge.

Therefore Tedimah will open to the world for trade, alliances, necessary resources, and science.

Firstly, we will request for trade agreements for some countries, secondly, we will have to make some concessions and we are going to submit our offers as well.

Tedimah will join into prosperous countries!

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