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Also Whats up with the Siebenbronn River??

Posted by Kaiteu on 8 September 2017 in English (English)

I donĀ“t know if it was suppose to happen and I dont know what is is but someone edited the Siebenbronn river and now it looks like its dried up and mud is left. (Or something of that sort.

Location: Margarath, Midistland

How do I ask to join a nation?

Posted by Kaiteu on 8 September 2017 in English (English)

Id like to get into another nation than just Midistland, but how do I do that? Madistland is getting boring because nothing is every being made rapidly. I want to get into a nation where buildings are being built at a point were I can see a difference.


Posted by Kaiteu on 8 March 2017 in English (English)

I started out in Traysville, with the help of Windfarmer and a few other friends which didn't last long, of coarse we only knew each other over Discord. That project was soon left behind and I stopped playing OGF for a long while. Wen I got back on, Traysville evolved and Larger city's like Bethesda and South Traysville where added. I decided to find an In-DEV city and help it grow which rapidly cause the formation of Hollman (Margaraths Enclave). Hollman is still In-DEV along with Margarath, and if you are feeling bored come by and add something to Margarath- It sure needs the love! P.S This Entry had to be reconstructed because when I start I set it up as a Role Play format.

Location: Innenstadt, Margarath, Midistland
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