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Posted by Luciano on 27 May 2016 in Korean (한국어)

Hi Geoficticians!

I hope everyone is having a great Northern-Hemisphere-Spring-Southern-Hemisphere-Fall.

Last year, I created our wikipedia-style Main Page for our wiki, with its "featured" sections. At first, I updated each of the featured sections every week, and later I transitioned to doing so once a month.

Recently, I have been neglecting this aspect of my work on OGF, and I think it is time to say I would like to focus on other projects and priorities in OGF.

So I am hoping we can find one or more volunteers to take over the curatorial responsibility for the four "featured" sections of the Main Page. You don't need "admin" privileges on the wiki to do this job - I created the new Main Page before I joined the admin team.

The main things that are needed are:

  • 1) A basic-level understanding of the concepts behind markup (i.e. HTML and wiki-markup)
  • 2) A willingness to learn how to do the updates - your first update might take a few hours, since you'll be learning the process.
  • 3) A willingness to commit about an hour of your time for each subsequent update - if you update once a month, that's one hour a month.
  • 4) A willingness to try to be diverse, fair and objective in choosing materials to feature
  • 5) A desire to contribute to the OGF community and make a great "gateway" for new visitors
  • 6) In the event that we have more than one volunteer, you need to be willing to work well with each other (i.e. share responsibilities, etc.)

I have already created some very detailed documentation for how to update the "Featured Article" section. I will try to add documentation for the other sections when I have time, but I think it is less necessary, since all the "featured" sections follow the same pattern as the "Featured Article" section - so once you understand how to update the "Featured Article," understanding how to do the other sections is fairly easy.

Here is the documentation for how to update the "Featured Article."

If you're interested in volunteering, take a long look at the documentation, to make sure you feel like you can do the job. Then send me a message (@Luciano) and we can discuss.

Happy Mapping!


I have received three messages, so far, showing interest. I have put some thought into how to coordinate having multiple users updating the Main Page, and made a proposal here:

Other ideas are welcome.

One other thought worth bearing in mind:

I am not an experienced wiki coder. The Main Page was really the first time I ever coded a complex wiki page. As such, I apologize for the rather baroque nature of its organization. If other users have better ideas for a less complicated architecture, they are more than welcome to put it together in a Sandbox and, pending community approval, make it the official, "new and improved" Main Page.

Comment from Demuth on 29 May 2016 at 08:55

I'm glad you got some takers. As someone who's quite bad with html, markup, wiki coding etc, I was hesitant to volunteer and since there were no comments here, I was getting a bit concerned. Anyway, thanks for taking your time to do it up until now, it really does make a big difference so what you've done is hugely appreciated. And thanks for the others who will be helping out in the future!

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