Posted by Luciano on 7 June 2016 in Korean (한국어)

This is just a short announcement. Last week I made a new "Power User's Dashboard" on the wiki. I was trying to create an alternative homepage for "experienced users." I have been very pleased with it. It's now my home landing page for OGF when I log on.

Give it a try.

Let me know what you think. Is it useful? Any suggestions for additions or changes (keeping in mind what's technically feasible)?

Comment from Ūdilugbulgidħū on 8 June 2016 at 00:00

Very useful - in fact more useful than the 'recent changes' tab link in the wiki page border. If you can get it there instead/additional to that, even better. At the same time, I appreciate being an 'experimental user' every time I click the link ;)

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Comment from wangi on 8 June 2016 at 01:13

It's good. I'd remove user ID from the map changesets and try and get in some of the edit summary?

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Comment from wangi on 8 June 2016 at 01:25

Because anything to encourage a decent edit summary is a good ting ;)

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Comment from Luciano on 8 June 2016 at 02:36

@wangi - thanks for the comment.

For edit summaries... there's going to have to be some kind of XML parse written using mediawiki template extension language, to extract the edit summary - can you do that? I don't have the skillset necessary, although I've been ... trying.

As far user ID - in fact, I have been using this quite a bit, because in combination with the sortable column setting, it can conveniently put the "newbies" at the top, which is interesting and useful information from an admin standpoint.

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Comment from tparigo on 8 June 2016 at 09:34

Excellent idea and very usefull. Thanks for this development !

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Comment from Leowezy on 8 June 2016 at 09:43

I use the page quite often, I have it bookmarked :) I would like a link to some kind of OSM:article_name category page, and maybe a link to the world map itself (although I usually just use the bookmarks to my cities to go there). But besides that I think it's perfect!

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Comment from Luciano on 9 June 2016 at 12:32

@Leowezy - I'll add a world-map link next time I update. I'm not sure what you mean by "OSM:article_name category page" but if I could understand probably it could be added at the top too.

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Comment from Leowezy on 10 June 2016 at 14:50

@Luciano, sorry for my weird expression; I just meant a list of all articles starting with "OGF:"; they tend to be tutorials or important discussions of some sort, and sometimes I cant remember the name of one of these pages and have a hard time finding it :)

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Comment from Luciano on 11 June 2016 at 08:42

I made some additions to the header "useful links."

I am open to any further suggestions, too - I will add any pages that anyone frequently uses while mapping.

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