Presenting the "External Data Extension" on the wiki

Posted by Luciano on 2 July 2016 in Korean (한국어)

I have been experimenting with an extension to the wiki for about a month now, and I'm ready to present some results.

This extension makes it possible to show tabular information in the wiki which is sourced DIRECTLY from the OGF database. If you set things up correctly, you don't ever have to maintain a seperate wiki table of objects in the OGF database - you can add objects on the map, "enroll" them in the correct collection, then they will simply "appear" in the table in the wiki.

If you set up the "collection" relation (discussed HERE), and copy the manner of enrolling locations in the collection, with appropriate tags on the locations, you can list locations of any business, organization or agency you want.

It's quite complicated, and not really for beginners. However, if you're feeling brave, I welcome people to try it out. I present Ardisphere's international discount retailing chain Martímart as a working example, HERE.

You can open the wiki page for edit and study the wikicode. You can download a few of the Martímart locations and study them. Please try not to break anything - just look at how it's put together, but don't edit them until you're sure you understand. But then you can copy the way it is all set up and make your own.

One note: for it to work properly, no tags included in the table list are optional - thus in the Martímart example, in order for my "ldata:note" to work and show up in the table, I have to provide a value for each tag for each location. Hence "¡Discuentos impossibles!" as a note at each location.

Oh, and by the way... If you want to add Martímart locations to your country, PLEASE DO - NO PERMISSION NEEDED. Let's see if we can watch the chain grow without ever having to edit the wiki.

Happy mapping.

Comment from niels20020 on 2 July 2016 at 11:42

Eh, I have a problem with this. I've created a Martímart in Balonis City (you can see it here, but it is not shown on the list. I've refreshed the list 10 times, but it still is not shown. Did I do something wrong?

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Comment from Luciano on 2 July 2016 at 11:51

The main thing: you need to add it to the relation. The "collection" type relation "holds" all the locations, like a folder. I'm not sure it's so clear. In JOSM, the fastest way is to download an existing store, open the owning relation of that existing store for edit, and add the new location to the list. The collection relation is how the wiki External Data query "knows" about the locations.

I did it, for that location. Your next location you can try. Thanks for asking!

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Comment from niels20020 on 2 July 2016 at 18:27

Ah, ok. Didn't knew about that relation thing, thanks for helping me :)

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Comment from Luciano on 3 July 2016 at 00:01

Looks like you got it figured out now. And Neo Delta has some locations too!

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Comment from Leowezy on 3 July 2016 at 11:34

This is very useful; I think the most effective way to learn is to look at what others have done, and you present it in a very compact and easy to understand way; I think once the (new) metro system in Pyingshum is done, I will try and use this method for the description of the individual lines and their stops. I still have to grasp the concept of the multimaps with "extra drawings" on them though xD

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