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Has anyone ever made a 'height map' of the OGF world?

Posted by Ramasham on 28 March 2019 in English (English).

A height map is a gray scale image that resembles a terrain elevation contour map. They’re used for creating 3D image renderings of part or all of the world (real, OGF or otherwise) as well as to run planet-level simulations for stuff like climate and weather. For the real world, it’s easy to get a height map - you can even create one from OpenStreetMap with this utility.

For the OGF world, of course, things are trickier because we don’t have a world-spanning topo map. It looks like a little 3D rendering had been done on the OGF world before I joined, but I couldn’t find any height maps. Anyone know if one is accessible somewhere?

(Aside: such a map could never be canon, since anyone is free within reason to e.g. tear down or put up a giant mountain range inside their country. But by noting where mountains have been placed on the OGF map plus some creative guess work it should be possible to make a plausible one using a utility such as HME.)

Thanks in advance and if I can create or lay my hands on something, cool maps and images may follow…