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The Discord thing

I don't care if the admins see this or not, but I'll say it anyway.

  • The Discord is still in normal operation (Less active, but at least there are still many meaningful conversations). In fact, we only shut down for 3 days.
  • The only measure I took: A quarantine channel to filter members first. (You may DM me on OGF for an invite)

If school shooters want to kill their classmates, you don't just ban guns - They'll find something else anyway - but increase education. If vandals want to mess with OSM, you don't just ban Discord - They can talk to each other in any other way possible.

This is just admin's phobia to new "teenager" stuffs. Also, OGF is a public service, which means admins can't "still regard this site as a private homepage rather than a public service".


I am a young teenager who owns Esthyra. Visit for a detailed intro of me outside OGF.

What am I doing?

Slowly finishing the town of Koensville.

What have I done?

For Midistland, I built a canal connecting the huge Lago Atacoma with the Kaspen Sea. I have also made a Public Transport Viewer to assist mappers with their transit options. Nothing else I'm super proud of.

Please note that I did not draw Abralona. The previous owner did it.