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Posted by deshrulex on 12 October 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hello to the whole community, the truth is that I only come to ask for an opinion about this area of ​​farms that I have been developing today, I don't know much about farms but I would like to know your advice to do better

Location: -3,921, 40,343

new beginning

Posted by deshrulex on 21 January 2019 in Spanish (Español)

hello I have been developing ammirice in tarephia but I think I have not been doing everything right and in the wrong order, I wanted to know if someone could help clean up my territory (leave it blank) try to start the new one but this time in a good order and with better quality I would accept all the advice that you can give me and if a neighbor reads this, you can contact me

Location: 5,427, 41,468
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