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Change of the shape of San Marcos

Posted by sude on 6 May 2020 in Spanish (Español)


Before I moved from Commonia to my current territory, I used to name my territory "San Marcos". When I arrived to Antarephia, I decided to continue to name my country "San Marcos", and I placed my old mapping in the north making a region with the name of "Old San Marcos".

This region has always theoretically been composed by 4 (5?) provinces:

  • Lucero (capital)
  • Granadilla
  • Castillejo y Ebre
  • Alhozaimas
  • Jaca (?)

Even if I tried to think about how to make it fit with the area, I wasn't able to. So I've had this idea to fix it:

In addition, another reason to do this change is the fact that San Marcos has 2 kinds of horns that I don't really like, so one of them would be fixed.

What do you think about it? Do you have any ideas to improve it?

Moreover, I know that this is a drastic change of the shape of San Marcos, and I think that I should ask the admins beforehand. Am I able to do it?


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What do you think about my first town?

Posted by forzalugo on 20 April 2020 in Spanish (Español)

I have discovered OGF a few days ago, and this is my first town. South Harbor, in West Commonia. Any feedback? I know the scale is horrible

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Strait between San Marcos and Brasonia

Posted by sude on 13 April 2020 in Spanish (Español)

This strait is full of international ferry lines of more than 10 000km:

In OSM, only regular ferry lines are used (take a look for example to the Strait of Gibraltar):

I want to ask to delete all those shiping lines and keep the shorter ones that connect places in this area, to make it clearer.


Posted by deshrulex on 12 October 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hello to the whole community, the truth is that I only come to ask for an opinion about this area of ​​farms that I have been developing today, I don't know much about farms but I would like to know your advice to do better

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Map of languages in the Wiki

Posted by sude on 30 August 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hello everybody

Somedays ago, i saw the map of languages in the Wiki. Honestly, I didn't like it because it used points and it was very unaccurate. I had the idea of doing the same thing, but with relations.

It has been difficult because I had to see country by country which language people use there, extract the points of the relations and put it into the map.

I hope you like it:

Furthermore, I realized that there is a very common mistake in a lot of countries: mixing languages randomly. In my opinion, it's not realistic at all. For example, I saw countries in which there are arabic, hebrew and chinese script in the same city. I think that we should follow the quote "a nation, a country", or as least, "a country, a language".

This is the reason why I didn't add some countries to the map, cause I couldn't determinate which is the main language of the country.

However, it's a fact that there are countries where people speak several languages. That happens in the real life. So I recommend you to delimitate the border between those languagues.

That's only my advice. You are not forced to follow it, but I ask you guys to think about it.

There are a lot of countries in which I didn't put the language because I didn't have time enough, so I ask you to add them.

In addition, I'm using the same colours that were used before, and I added the colour Black to rare languages that are spoken in very few countries.

Two Ascots??

Posted by sude on 18 July 2019 in Spanish (Español)


I think that most of you have noticed that there are two countries in the world whose names and capitals are "Ascot".

Shouldn't it get fixed?

What is the largest city of OGF? ¿Cuál es la ciudad más grande?

Posted by Rick on 2 June 2019 in Spanish (Español)

hola, Saludos desde México.

Quisiera saber cuál es la Ciudad más grande de OGF para visitarla y observar como esta construida, tengo un proyecto de Ciudad de Barranquillo en Rhododactilya y quisiera ver más, para ver que debo de construir más.

Hello greetings from Mexico.

I would like to know which is the largest city of OGF to visit and see how it is built, I have a project of Barranquillo City in Rhododactilya and I would like to see more, to see what I should build more.

Use el traductor de Google. Use the Google translator.

Ideas about Fallsington

Posted by Manusaurus on 25 May 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hi there guys! Last year I started working in a London-like city by taking advantage of some nice river features I saw around those coordinates, north-west of Gobras City.

I left it abandoned and I've returned for a bit, but I think I am currently overwhelmed and I definitely made many noobie mistakes, such as the ambition of creating a gargantuan urban area, completely not fitting the overall Gobrassanya style, etc.

A bit of backstory: My previous edit -and the first thing I made in Opengeofiction was Minato in Rhododactylia:

(Disregard the weird harbor/pier shapes, it was only an experiment and I don't know how to use JOSM -or even install it, it's like rocket science for me- and this affects a lot the quality of any bigger shape I'd like to create)

After that I requested a territory but again it looks like a lot of work -It is my fault in any case, maybe I don't have enough time or dedication for this task- and they told me I was using real life names, though many people use them and I think most of my names were more or less original by that time (after that I may have used more real life names as I gave up the idea of getting a territory-. So I finally found that location in Gobrassanya.

The good thing is that the region looks super cool and active. The bad thing: me. I am afraid that I am destroying the quality of the Gobras City surrounding with this massive London like city which style doesn't really fit the tropical - hi-tech style of the country.

I absolutely love OGF and its fun but I have a conflict because it is too serious/professional for me at the same time: I don't want to disturb the work of other people (and Gobras City is a very professional collaborative project) but I am also afraid that the criticism (that I want to receive with this post in any way, to be honest) will make me finally leave the site.

I don't know what you think, which changes of general style, scale of the city you'd make, if you'd prefer that I talk with mappers working in Gobras City to create a more cohesive metro area, etc. If you generally find that Fallsington is not that bad or can be rescued/modified/adapted -if you find that it can make sense- could you help me with it?

I even started a CERN-like area inspired by the cool LIGO idea in Gobras City. So I definitely could take care of Fallsington, specially small scale-detail, which I like the most. Roads, railroads, junctions, I am an absolute mess with those and I would like help -also I don't use JOSM as I said before.

Thank you all for your feedback, Manusaurus

Welcome to 𐤋‏‏𐤉‏𐤓‏‏‏‏‏‏𐤉‏𐤀‏!

Posted by Romhfvir on 9 February 2019 in Spanish (Español)

To give my country, Liria, more mystery... one of the island will start using its own alphabet (notice that is another alphabet, not another language)

what do you think about it?

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¡My new city!

Posted by Mapping Expert on 31 January 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hi all. During these last weeks, I have been working in my city Hendrix; based on the design of London and with buildings from other parts of the world. I want you to give me your opinions and suggestions.

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new beginning

Posted by deshrulex on 21 January 2019 in Spanish (Español)

hello I have been developing ammirice in tarephia but I think I have not been doing everything right and in the wrong order, I wanted to know if someone could help clean up my territory (leave it blank) try to start the new one but this time in a good order and with better quality I would accept all the advice that you can give me and if a neighbor reads this, you can contact me

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How's everyone doing?

Posted by Romhfvir on 11 January 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hi! I just wanted to know if you've done something new or something you're proud about... I mean, I'm a little bit lost, I don't have ideas nor anything like that. I'd like to find inspiration somewhere in this tiny big world

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Posted by Rick on 6 January 2019 in Spanish (Español)

Hello my friends.

I write to you again, first to thank your comments a few days ago that have allowed me to advance in my project. Then again I ask for your support, I have already managed to build a small population, but I have not found a way to put a name to it, I wish you could guide me with instructions, since I would like to see your name.

I appreciate your support, friends.

Greetings from Toluca, Mexico.

Hola amigos.

Les escribo de nueva cuenta, primeramente para agradecer sus comentarios de hace unos días que me han permitido avanzar en mi proyecto. Seguidamente de nuevo pido su apoyo, ya he logrado construir una pequeña población, pero no he encontrado la forma de colocarle un nombre, ojala pudieran guiarme con instrucciones, ya que me gustaría se visualice su nombre.

Agradezco su apoyo amigos.

Saludos desde Toluca, México.

Country reset

Posted by Tito_zz on 28 December 2018 in Spanish (Español)

Hello. I want to reset my country, Ünglend, because I want to start all over and I feel I did it a bit wrong. But how do I reset it?

Having noob problems

Posted by Romhfvir on 30 November 2018 in Spanish (Español)

ok so here i've got a mix of palace-castle (more like a palace than like a castle) and I really like how it looks! but... I made a weird mess by doing it TOO BIG. I'd love that there was a way that it could be copied and pasted but less bigger...

Anyway if there was a method, it'd be impossible for me, as I map on iD and can't get JOSM because I don't have a computer... So if someone knows how to help me, I'd give permission and I'd be so pleased!

Location: Ecko

Review my city

Posted by Romhfvir on 17 November 2018 in Spanish (Español)

Ok so... I'd like to know what do you think about this city. (work in progress, absolutely not finished)

-Yes, i know it is very small for having a metro. -Yes, i know the stations are very near each other -Yes, i know the buildings look weird.

I like constructive criticism as u don't hurt my feelings, duh

and a message for admins: Please, are you going to give me a wiki account? Thanks for reading!

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Liria or Lirian Republic?

Posted by Romhfvir on 28 October 2018 in Spanish (Español)

Which one do you think it fits the best?

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Posted by Romhfvir on 13 September 2018 in Spanish (Español)

I started mapping an area in my country (Liria) and I don't know how am I doing it. I like super-detailed things so I use iD. In the island (the link is down) I want to make two little towns + 3 very little ones (50-100 inhabitants) is it too much for such a little island?

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I am starting in Commonia

Posted by Romhfvir on 30 August 2018 in Spanish (Español)

A new city. what do you think? I'm new and I don't know how many days passed since I created my account

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Happy New Year

Posted by KalR' on 1 January 2018 in Spanish (Español)

The subject says everything

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