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Sotagnà, Nova Calabria

Posted by dsilcott on 17 November 2019 in English (English)

I've been trying to get an idea of the potential weather conditions/climate of the southern half of Nova Calabria, specifically, the state of Sotagnà as well as the mountains in Sotagnà and the southern half of the country. Nova Calabria sits just north of the southern tropic, which i'm imagining the entire country would fall into the humid-subtropical (cfa) and maybe a tropical-monsoon climate (am) in the northern coastal areas. My question I guess is how extreme could the weather get? I'm picturing that due to winds and the water, the western half of the area would be slightly cooler;

December - H: 88 L: 75 January - H: 91 L: 77 Feb - H: 87 L: 78 March - H: 84 L:75 April - H: 80 L: 71 May - H: 76 L: 69 June - H: 69 L: 58 July - H: 66 L: 54 August - H: 72 L: 59 September - H: 77 L: 63 October - H: 81 L: 65 November - H: 84 L: 69

and the eastern half would see temperatures an average of 5 degrees warmer on the eastern half. But the reason i'm asking is because humid subtropical has a pretty expansive definition and I have very few nations around me to gauge the temperatures. Lexington Kentucky and Orland Florida are both humid subtropical but Lexington is lucky to see 50 degrees in the january while orland florida is generally in the 60s to 70s during the winter. I have marked specifically the western side of the state and the answers I see will help me decide on the southern half the mountains as well if any form of snowfall would be appropriate in the mountains (not yet mapped as far down in Sotagnà)

Location: -22.693, 25.208

Ketonha Island Republic

Posted by dsilcott on 11 March 2019 in English (English)

Ketonha Island Republic, most notably for its biggest city, Kia'Wana (also the capital) has decided to establish its borders and form its own Island Territory. Siy'aho Beach, the southern most city on Kamora Island, lies approx 8 miles (13 KM) from the shores of Commonia. The growing cities on the chain of islands have grown independent and a vote that took place across the islands, including Acora Island, Fulton Island, Kamora Island and Kia'wana Island decided the fate of the Island State. Acora Village, a small gated village that comprises of 98% of the islands population, voted 100% in favor of independence. The border follows from the north eastern corner of Laugar to the south eastern corner stretching to just south of the corner of Kamora Island. A further vote will be held to decide the governor of the territory. It has been stated numerous times that it doesn't wish to break ties with Charlington and doesn't present hostility, just a wish for independence that a majority of the population feel is needed.

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