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Better system for coordinating airline destinations

Posted by htx on 7 May 2017 in English (English)

While there is a List of Airlines wiki page to help users "get an idea of route coverage and hubs," it looks like the number of airlines has grown far too large to navigate comfortably.

Some airlines have listed destinations and flight frequencies on their respective pages, but there is no unified format or single location where one can find this information. What do you guys think of having a computerized database of airports/airlines with destinations and flight frequencies? With all the data in one system, flight schedules could be generated automatically and flight durations could be calculated pretty easily from airport coordinates.

I've also seen a lot of users seeking destinations for their airline or airlines to serve their airport. Perhaps with a better system, we could streamline this process and allow airlines/airports to serve dozens or hundreds of destinations instead of being subject to the chances of whoever replies to the post.

I think this should be pretty simple to code and host on a third-party server... I am just wondering if people are willing to use such a tool. What do you think?

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