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Flood alert in Archanta

Posted by yuriyhlmacof on 14 July 2017 in English (English)

Is Archanta getting flooded?

Maybe it is better to call Noah to prepare the Ark :P

Does someone knows what is hapening? (In my PC, zoom level 9 is already under water)

Best regards,

  • Yuri Yhlmacof (Ilídio)
Location: Avenida de Amsel, Alfândega do Mar, Yuris

Ordyo-Puntick Metropolis / Going International

Posted by yuriyhlmacof on 15 February 2017 in English (English)

Hi mappers!

It has been a long time since my last (and only -_-' eheh) diary.

Durign the last three months, in a realy slow pace (because I got into University this year), I worked in three main projects: Nelyto City, Ordyo/Puntick Metropolis and Yuris International Relations.

Nelyto City project is now paused. Nelyto was basicly my experience site. It was my first city, and it was created only with iD, so it has some problems with scale and coastline detailing that I will fix in the future.

Puntick and Ordyo: History

Now, I started using JOSM and Puntick is the "construction site"... Puntick is the old sister of the Yurin capital, Ordyo City. It is located in Girotera Peninsula facing Hallgarve Sea and the Narrow of Ickarion. The first written record wich refers Puntick goes back to 750 a.C. and since then the region has been inhabited. It was the capital city of the region where Yuris is nowadays (in the 14th and 15th centuries, the entire region was occupied by a kingdom called Hallgarv) from 1333 to 1462.

Ordyo City, in the other hand, is one of the most recent world cities. Its construction was proposed by Lenz B. Albano Government in 1957 and was approved in referendum. The idea behind the Ordyo City construction was to "rebuild" the old city of Nodoyeh, the first capital of Yuris that was destroyed in the 14th century by the Hallgarv Kingdom. Since its destruction there were several attempts to rebuild Nodoyeh. However, the ideia of restoring the old Yuris Kingdom glory remained in people's mind. In the 20th century, when utopian/distopian cultural movements appeared in Yuris, the idea became even more desired. When Puntick started to have urban and social problems, it became imperative to find a solution. President Lenz B. Albano sugested the construction of Ordyo in 1957, the "dream became true" in 1962 and a new capital city was born.

(I will develop the history of this region further in an upcoming wiki article)


With all this historic basis I am mapping Puntick and later this year I want to start Ordyo City. For now, Puntick has a detailed historic center and some detailed important areas:

  • Kingdom Castle and Downtown (map);
  • Winston Smith Square commercial zone (map);
  • Puntick Central Station and Santângela (map);
  • Lenz B. Albano International Airport (map | wiki) - airport serving both Ordyo and Puntick;
  • Caius Abbatangelo Racetrack (map);
  • EXPORHO (map | wiki) - the international trade fairground and convention center of Puntick-Ordyo. It hosts a lot of events like BD-Con (world's biggest comics and entertainment convention. Equivalent to real world Comic-Con) and WE2 - World Entertainment Expo - (considered the most important electronics and gaming fair/convention in the world. Equivalent to real world E3).

Plans / Going International

The third project I'm working on is "Going International". In January I brought some international brands to Yuris: Duchycoffee, Gobeletplain, CitiHotel, Petrosphere, Balmi, Nórd+Súd and Pizza Varela.

Iper, Gigante, Gazela and Cyclo are also planned to expand to Yuris (I will work on that this mont). The first two Yurin embassies abroad where also built in January in Myrcia (map) and Balonis (map).

So, I want to invite all companies which are expanding abroad, to come to Yuris! Yuris is a multicultural country which people want to experience different cultures. Because of this, there is a lot of different businesses from different countries spread around Yurin territory. So, your company(s) is(are) welcome to Yuris!

Finally: I'm looking for airlines that want to make flights to and from LBA International Airport (map) and I'm looking for destinations for TAY Yuris. Are there some countries who want to travel to Yuris or are open to receive the Yurin's everlasting touristic spirit?

LBA Airport - Terminal 5

Happy mapping!

  • Yuri Yhlmacof (Ilídio)

Nelyto City

Posted by yuriyhlmacof on 20 October 2016 in English (English)

Hey, everyone!

Now that I'm on OGF for a few months I think it is time to "think out loud" and share some ideas and projects.

I've requested a country some time ago and I've been working on it. Real life got realy complicated so the progress is not at full rythm. However it gives me some time think and dig deeper on the projects I want to do in OGF.

For now the project is Nelyto City, the third largest city in Yuris. I've decided not to star with the capital city because I want to make it a "special" and in a more complex and large way. So, by doing other cities and building other parts of the coutry I hope to get more bases to the "Big Plan".

Nelyto is the first project of a hole country that I want to build. I've already done the basic structure of the city and outlined its history. Now, inpired by other users' projects (like QUARTA, Trevers Metro and others), I'm developing the public transportation system of the city in the map itself and in the wiki (I'm realy excited with wiki, although when I joined the OGF community I thought I would not dedicate much time to the wiki).

I don't want to make this post much longer so, here is what I have so far! :D

I hope you enjoy! Best regards!

  • Yuri Yhlmacof

P.S. Sorry if there are any errors in the writing... I don't speak english many times, so it is likely that there is a lot of them :S


As one of the first cities of the country and one of its main harbours, Nelyto is a very rich city in terms of history. The foundation of Nelyto goes back to the contruction of Castelo de São Francisco (Saint Francis Castle). Over time, the city began to expand, firstly by adding a new wall to the city and then by expanding outside the walled city.

The city's life has always been related to the sea and its activities throughout time (the main economic area of Nelyto was fishing) so, the city developed towards the sea by the junction of the fisherman's village (next to Praia dos Pescadores - Fisherman's Beach) and the main city in expansion.

In the 17th century the Fortaleza de Nelyto (Nelyto Fortress) was built to protect the city and its harbour that became one of the main trade centers of the continent.

In the 18th century began the construction of the "Boulevard Plan": a project that consisted on the construction of a great avenue, starting on the fortress leading to the old city, and a entire new part of the city in a grid pattern (considered the ideal city scheme by the time).

From there till now Nelyto City has grown and became a financial and commercial center of Yuris and its neighbor countries.

Nelyto Underground

NU Logo

"The Nelyto Underground Transportation System (simply known as Nelyto Underground or Metro de Nelyto) is the metro (subway) system of Nelyto City, Yuris. Opened in December 1957, it was the third subway system in Yuris following Ordyo City and Botiliana." (text of the wiki article)

So far, I've developed the metro system on the OGF map and I've created the NU logo, a map of the network and the ticket design for the wiki. I'm still working in other details like train design, station signs and the NU history.

NU Network Map

Ticket types

NU ticket design

  • Zapping - The user can travel in all the NU network by the price of 1.20 scudos each time it enters at the turnstiles of the metro station. The card is rechargeable and is valid for 1 year.
  • Intermodal Card - The user pays a montlhy fee and is free to travel in all the NU network and other transportation services provided by Move Nelyto, E. Pu. company (bus, train and others - TBD) in Nelyto City Metropolitan Area.
Location: Avenida Prata, Nelyto, Yuris
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