Mapper's Challenge #14 - October 2017 - By Air and By Sea

Posted by Alessa on 8 October 2017 in Maltese (Malti). Last updated on 2 February 2018.

Hello, fellow mappers.

I hope you had a fun time taking on last month’s challenge, which focused on culture. The comments indicated some cool projects were being considered. I’d love to know how everyone did.

Unfortunately, different things in life limited my ability to finish work in Iola as I would have originally liked. I was able to finish the streets and pedestrian areas in the old city of Iola and begin building work around the ancient amphitheatre. There are a couple things like a café called “La Ekterra” (The Underground), which is right across the plaza from the entrance to the catacombs. A few streets are named after former monarchs or important saints, too. I’ll try to keep working on it this month, as I’ve enjoyed working in this area.

Mapper’s Challenge #14 — By Air and By Sea

The challenge for this month is to work on an air or sea transport option in your country. For this, airfields, airports, seaports, ferry terminals, and other air or water-based transportation hubs are welcome. There are quite a few major airports in the OGF universe, but what about smaller commuter airfields or agricultural-based landing strips? As for the water-based transportation, seaports are always an option. Don’t forget about commuter routes like ferries or recreational places like marinas. Even if your country isn’t on an ocean, river transportation is just as important. Major trade can be done by navigable river, too. (Just ask Vienna; or for an even smaller town with 3.5 times the tonnage, check Huntington, West Virginia in the United States.)

So, for this challenge, try to determine what the needs are for your country right now. There is a great guide for building airports over on the wiki. Seaports are definitely going to be a bigger challenge and require some more advance mapping, in my opinion. Once you’ve decided on your task, go for it! Give it a try and see what happens!

I’m personally going to attempt work on a seaport for Iola. It might be a bit ambitious, but I’m already planning to do coastline work on the western part of La Kaufama. I’ve received some great feedback from a couple users on the coastline, so it’s part of what I’d like to tackle. We’ll see how it goes!

All the best, —A

Comment from zhenkang on 8 October 2017 at 02:55

The above is my airport, Changke International Airport.

And the above is my seaport (which still looks quite empty)

I am still going to do a proper rail connection between the two, and deciding to build a new airport terminal on the ‘reclaimed island’ just south of the airport.

As for ferries, well, I have not really have a ferry system yet. I will create more ferry terminals along Ayangcha River which cuts though Odessa, and do some urban planning in the city at the same time.

Comment from ADB52 on 8 October 2017 at 20:27

In Utterland, the largest area of docks is north of the city of Solsburg, at the southern extremity of the Firth of Hetzer ( The designation “haven gebied” is Dutch for “port area”.

The main airport, which I mapped just last week, is Putwaarden Airport, 10 km north of Solsburg (

An internal ferry service across the Firth of Hetzer runs between Larinchem and Zonnevank (

An international ferry service is established between Hetterstrecht (in the far northwest of Utterland) and the city of Kobáň (in the country of the same name), shown on

It is my intention to have a more extensive ferry service on the Firth of Hetzer, connecting Utterland, Shilesia, Kobáň, UL141, Isztianorszag, Tircambry, Ionadalba, Tircambry, Wesmandy and Vinnmark. Possibly going as far as Norðurland and the nations west of the Vinn Sea. We can but dream …

Comment from Aces California on 9 October 2017 at 08:32

With Tierajas-Verdes, I’ve already modeled the main airports for the country, and a country this small I don’t imagine will have many other smaller airports to use, there’s only been one “club” airport mapped. Seaports are something else. I’ve always remodeled my cities from scratch before they could be fleshed out. It’s only now that I’ve had the confidence, ability, and time, to map out Punto de Christopher’s port. All links below!

Parirakbe International (with new terminal: (

Punto de Christopher Shri Korrapati Airport: (

Kengrabari Club de Velos: (

The WIP Neuvo Puerto de Boca, Punto de Christopher (

Now, as to what I will work on for this challenge this month, the simple fact is that I do not know, as I currently have no plans of anything specific this month. I feel like I’ve got enough civilian airports, club airports, and military airports, to have that sector covered. What I might do is finish off Neuvo Puerto de Boca with the cruise terminal. There won’t be anything large or outside of the box.

Comment from Marcello on 9 October 2017 at 12:28

I ‘have’ a small island nation so both contributions are relatively modest: Port Ste. Marie harbour. You see two ferry routes, one to the next larger island of Ste. Helene, the other international, to Velasco on Las Islas Serenas. Ste. Marie International airport.


Comment from tparigo on 12 October 2017 at 12:16

For this challenge, I’ll go on detailling the port and airport of Tassia, here. It is a touristic hub which give access to many islands.

The ferry terminal and the airport are linked by an automatic shuttle.

The oldest parts of the port have become marinas.


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