Mapper's Challenge #19 — April 2018 — Water, Water, Everywhere

Posted by Alessa on 9 April 2018 in Maltese (Malti).

Hello, everyone!

It’s April, and our monthly challenge, courtesy of isleño, has to do with water! The results of last month’s challenge, rail, was wonderful. If you didn’t get to work on rail during March, don’t fret; you can always go back and review Eklas’s wonderful bliki posts about how to design a rail network. If you did work on railways, feel free to your work to the challenge page over on the wiki.

Lakes and Rivers

Inland waterways, such as lakes and rivers, are an often overlooked aspect of mapping on OGF. I know that most users are not hydrology experts, and I definitely do not profess to be one. I do know, however, that we have a pretty good primer for how to draw rivers. One thing that gets overlooked, however, is the detailing of the riverbanks or lakeshores.

For this month’s challenge, there are three tiers:

  • Easy: Draw a river and/or lake, and make it as realistic as possible. Remember that lakes form where water cannot quickly drain into the channel downstream or where there is no outflow altogether. Also keep in mind the direction of the flow when drawing it on the map.
  • Medium: Draw a river and/or lake, and incorporate it into the surrounding landscape. Place forests, scrub, wetlands, agricultural facilities, etc. If there is a floodplain, try to indicate it in some way.
  • Hard: Complete the medium challenge and incorporate man-made works like dams, in-flowing drainage ditches, levees, mills, races, etc.

As you complete your new work, share it below or in a bliki. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a friend!

Now, let’s get mapping! Good luck, everyone!

Comment from zhenkang on 9 April 2018 at 22:52


Yeah, we often overlook rivers and lakes. In fact, we seemed more focussed on the coastline, that we forgot about rivers and lakes.

I will say that rivers are generally important as they are around where towns or cities sprang up. I mean, unless there is a good reason, why will there be a village without a river/lake as a water source?

In Singkangia, I only drew one river- the Farahda River, which flows from the Penjuru Lake in the southeast to the town of Farahda to the northwest. Basically, it cuts through the northern diagonal of the country. I will work in it by drawing the mountains, forests and other stuff around the river.

Comment from Aces California on 10 April 2018 at 07:39

I wonder if this is the month I will attempt to replace This in my Rockford redevelopment. I’ve already done basic mapping along the rest of the Hennedale River. You know I gotta try for the Hard level somehow. I suppose classification as a national park or the like is man-made? Nature certainly doesn’t class itself. I wonder if I could even multi-task with my work doing on to the west of Rockford right now!

Comment from Alessa on 19 April 2018 at 17:04

Wow, Black Baron! You’ve been quite busy here. There’s a lot of really cool things. The only thing I think is that you’ll need a few more cliff sides or other landuse things that will help show the sloping of the river banks. Check out this part of a quick video. Water moves a bit faster around curves and then has the power to slam into the other side, eroding it more.

Still, this is awesome work!

Comment from Black Baron on 19 April 2018 at 17:20

Thank you for your advise! Of course, all this area is actually under construction and I’ll reflect all these details in the next two months. I’m happy with the evolution of the cities and towns along the Edeta River :-P It would be interesting to include some features such as enterprises, markets, restaurants, and so on… related with other countries. Happy mapping!

Comment from Alessa on 10 May 2018 at 01:06

I worked on a reservoir for the Fluva Asmina. There’s this lakeside town and all the landuse between it and the border, and the dam downstream. From a broader view, I tried to fill in the land use from the river eastward to the international line. It’s part of my larger foray into mapping Kabyea with greater detail. I didn’t get the western shore done yet, but that’ll be soon.

Comment from zhenkang on 10 May 2018 at 03:16

Nice waterworks at Surprisingly in Commonia.

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