Mapper's Challenge #22 — July 2018 — The Travel Guide Edition

Posted by Alessa on 7 July 2018 in Maltese (Malti).

Hello, everyone!

It’s time for this month’s mapping challenge. The focus this month will once again turn to culture and tourism, but with a different spin.

Imagine you’re walking through your favorite bookstore in another country. You stop at the travel section, and what do you see? A travel guide from Sociable Planet (or some other company) about your country! What does it say inside?

Your challenge is to create a few new places that would be highlights in a travel book about your country. The possibilities are almost endless: museums, religious buildings, historical sites, nature walks, parks, abandoned buildings, unique sporting events, concert venues, restaurants and hotels, unique architecture, fun beaches, etc. How detailed you go is up to you. As you complete your new work, share it for the community either below or in on forum page. But, I’d encourage you to post more than one creation! If you’d really like to play along, go ahead and give it a rating or a cost below, too.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a friend! As always, I’ll do my best to provide feedback where I can. Good luck, everyone!

Hopefully this will be a fun challenge for people. I already have a ton of ideas and things in the works. What about you?

Comment from zhenkang on 8 July 2018 at 00:09

I remember proposibg to create a travel guide but I dont think it really took off.

As for tourism, well, why not come over to Antigo and admire the spirit for the Antigoans? Also see how the Briarmacks fought off and liberate the Antigoans! The tourism in Antigo is mainly based on DPRK’s tourism.

There is also a travel tips guide somewhere on the wiki.

Comment from Alessa on 8 July 2018 at 00:39

@zk: Great. If there’s some good stuff, post a few links to a few specific things!

Comment from zhenkang on 8 July 2018 at 00:44

I will send a few links soon, but I am busy now.

Comment from zhenkang on 9 July 2018 at 13:53

Okay, here is the long list of tourist attractions plus a description for each:

  • Victory Sqaure - Where major Antigoan festivals are held, Victory Square is the key area where there will be a spectecular display of our army and our models of our new nuclear missiles!

  • Workers’ Monument - Pop by and see the dedication of our workers striving to bring progress to Antigo! Of course, they are working out of their own free will.

  • The Green Palace/ Briarmack Palace - Where our dear leader lives.

  • The White Palace - The great tomb of our late Great Leader J. L. Briarmack. By law, every citizen of Antigo has to pay our respects to our leader, who managed to bring Antigo out of Pretanic rule. Nearby is the Antigaon Revolutionary Museum, showing our leader’s deeds, his life and death. (Our uncensored true version!)

  • The Blue Palace - Another tomb of our beloved second leader, who bring out great reforms in our country and bring our country peace even in the midst of storms, famines etc. (Comparatievly smaller to the White one, and it is supposed to be black, but we, err, run out of black paint)

  • Antigo National Stadium - Our first national stadium, where the sporting spirit of Antigo is relieved. It is also where we play the sacred Antigoan Games, where we fight till death as Cuppa Sacrifices.

  • Tomb of King Yubesser Flahedyn - Where it lies our first great Antigoan King.

  • Museum of Antigoan Culture and the Way of Cuppa - The museum where we show the blinded and ignorant foriegners about our great religion Cuppa, the importance of sacrifice and our great ideology and gods. Also explore the libraries showcasing Cuppa sacred works.

  • Antigo Central Railway Station - Antigo’s oldest railway station (as what we claim)

  • Kildwalle Bridge - One of the oldest Antigoan-style bridges which still stands today.

  • Antigo Metro - Welcome aboard! The pride of our nation and a revolutionary way of tranpsortation!

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