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Posted by BMSOUZA on 21 August 2016 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

As railways are not a usual thing to me (there is VLT in Rio de Janeiro city since this year, but I did not go there yet), I have some doubts about using this tag in my maps.

I am imagining a rail route between Slovech - or Trindade - and Tarugo or Nova Baltimore. Because Slovech is the capital, and Tarugo I will build some important naval and heavy industries. If I create this route, it can be extended to Nova Baltimore, capital of province, just few kilometeres south to Tarugo.

First doubt: Could I use railway=light_rail?? I read in OSM Wiki light rail is a urban trnasport... this way, it would not be the best railway between these cities...

Second doubt: The terminus in Slovech area.

  • can be in Trindade, a town I will re-map when I finish detailing Slovech. I prefer this idea, but "the passengers" would need to use another transportation (tram and buses) to follow to Slovech

  • can be in Sant Theo, east Slovech. In fact, here there is integration to other transportations, as buses and trams, and here is some kind of "metropolitan terminus" - the bus routes from Trindade will stop here, only one or two will follow to Slovech downtown.

*can be in Slovech downtown... only if I can use tunnels, because seting so many buildings in Slovech, there is no space to new rail stations. Which railway= I can use with tunnels??

For now I am still with a lot of work to do in Slovech detailings, but, as I am also focused about creating correct relations to all my transport routes, I need to think about it too...

Bruno Moreira

Comment from eklas on 21 August 2016 at 06:05

I'd recommend using railway=rail. Light rail is a cross between tram and subway and is primarily intended for commuters from the city suburbs. But obviously, you can use whichever you want, tunnels work with all of them.

There's already a two-rail railway about five kms south of Tarugo. I think it would be logical to build a short link from the industrial area to an unoccupied station in the bush. It think the main rail has enough capacity for transporting goods.

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Comment from histor on 21 August 2016 at 09:09

I think, nearly parallel to the B-102 you can draw a tram or a light railway, because you have rails between Slovech and the south more in the west. And at the B-102 and the rails then you can set some small villages.

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Comment from BMSOUZA on 22 August 2016 at 06:10

The Histor`s idea is not a bad one... Creating new mall villages in the route... I like it!

I am still focused about Slovech detailing, but I will try something in Trindade.

Thanks to all!!

Bruno Moreira

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Comment from joschi81 on 27 August 2016 at 18:56

Hi BMSOUZA, congrats for Slovech, it looks really amazing!

As for the railways: For interurban connections I would propose to always use railway=rail. Only if a railway line is connecting urban cores that are really close to each other, railroads tagged railway=light_rail are realistic (see line E between Rotterdam and Den Haag, for example).

My proposal is that you draw the line you mentioned as railway=rail and that you even connect it to the line running to Slovech main railway terminus. That means, going north-west from the current position of Trindade station, with a curve to the west (maybe through a short tunnel under the urbanised area) reaching BL-101 a bit before the intersection with BL-002 and BL-102, running parallel to BL-101 and then reaching the main railway line to Slovech terminus with a (quite but not too sharp) curve. This way, the Slovech main railway station gains more importance.

When drawing railway lines with two parallel tracks, the distance between the two tracks should be not larger than 4.5m. I propose that you draw the line between north-eastern Zbynya and Slovech termins with two groups of double-tracked lines with the distance I mentioned (of course there can be a larger distance in the middle between the two groups). Two tracks should be used for suburban/regional commuter trains, the other ones for national long-distance trains. The suburban part could even have stations connecting to Ferrovija and Neuborsk stations of your light-rail system and a station in Purvieki district (and maybe a temporarly used station at Autódromo).

I see the line via Trindade, Tarugo and other coastal towns in between as the older, slower line. It has only two tracks with mixed regional and national traffic, maybe also very scenic parts where it runs along the (hilly?) coastline with curves and a few short tunnels. It should connect to the newer line in the north of Nova Baltimore and continue southwards, going back to the coast, running via Varadeiro, Svibovsk, Markovburgo and Vallmark into Brasonia (maybe with a branch from Markovburgo to Porto Carreiro. And what about a connecting line between Markovburgo and Stockerau...

Ok, it's pretty obvious that I'm addicted to railways. Anyways, these are my proposals, which are not unrealistic in my point of view.

Happy mapping!


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Comment from BMSOUZA on 28 August 2016 at 09:50

Hi, Joschi! I send you a PM!

Best regards!

Bruno Moreira

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Comment from Katav on 7 September 2016 at 22:27

railway=light_rail will act weird in iD editor . . .

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