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Welcome to Barra da Grama, Brasonia

Posted by BMSOUZA on 11 May 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil). Last updated on 13 May 2017.

Well, OGF-friends… Looks like I finally finished one city in my countries (Slovech is not finished yet).

Welcome to Barra da Grama, the third most important city of Brasonia.

I set inside the city limits as much buildings as possible. And I created names to (almost) all the streets.

There are still somethings to do, but, at first shot, I am proud, hjehehe!!!

I need creating names to few streets, but I still need creating names to shops, mainly in the old downtown (how can Myrcia create so much good names to shops in her/his country? hehehe). And, the main point to me (but not rendered in any OGF-map), relations to metropolitan bus routes, hahaha

I am always also editing the wiki article, trying to write some thing insteresting about this city I learned to love, and I can say with no doubt, this is one of the OGF-places I would like to live.

Now, maybe, focus in the metropolitan towns. But, maybe, I will start the old plan about re-creating Cariocas country, I dont know yet…

Abraços a todos!

Bruno Moreira


Hi, everybody!

Well.. I will do some changes about Barra da Grama rails…

More about it soon!

Regards to all!!

Bruno Moreira

Would be a good idea to my countries??

Posted by BMSOUZA on 8 March 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, OGF-friends!

I need to read opinions of yours about one thing I am thinking last days.

Looks like Itacolomi is so big to Cariocas Islands. There are viaducts, a lot of urban buses terminals, football (soccer) stadiums, etc. Still there are other “big” cities in the country, like Gragoatá and Piratiba, but the “problem” now is focused in Itacolomi.

Currently I am editing Barra da Grama but my plans to 2017 in OGF are about re-creating Cariocas, my first country here.

So, I would not like to simply delete Itacolomi. I am thinking about “transfer” the map to Luslandia, another country I have but not so well mapped yet.

More exactly to Leopoldina, in capital metropolitan area, but obviously with not so much indigenous names.

And, after this, rebuild Itacolomi, but not the same size, and all the metropolitan towns in the area. And the rest of the country, hehehe…

Would be this a good idea?

Abraços a todos! Bruno Moreira

BMSouza, the return

Posted by BMSOUZA on 4 February 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, friends from OGF!

After a long time away from OGF (since november 2016), I am trying to come back to edits in OGF.

I get married, I had a very good honey moon in Natal, RN (Brasil) - a place where I got nice pictures to use in OGF soon -, and… I was fired. Since then, I did not have time to OGF, exactly because I was looking for a new job.

Well, as “I think” I found a new job - offshore again, but not better than the last one - I consider there is time to edits in Brasonia, Belgravia, Luslandia and Cariocas right now again, hehehe.

Regards to all!!!

Bruno Moreira

Mapper's Challenge 7 - Luslandia

Posted by BMSOUZA on 22 October 2016 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, guys!

Everything changes this week. The last one I edit in OGF this month, because next week I will be very busy with wedding and preparatives.

Well, lets go. I created some rural areas out of Slovech province. I could say at least 40% of Novakia`s area is under rural landcover.

But my new focus this week was the Rio dos Gansos (Geese river) Delta. Highly inspired (but not a copy) in italian Po river`s delta. Including the idea of a power plant inside its limits, hehehe.

*This island is almost complete. I still need detailing the harbour facilities and some rural landcover in some few places.

*Maybe this island is the best I could do - but is not complete yet. I can get some realistic rural landcover here, with some kinf of “familiar farms”. I still need creating more landuse in northwestern point, and the buildings in each farmyard, like this one.

*The eastern point of the Delta is far from completion. I will build here some villages, and there is a prison facility but I did not decide yet where exactly I will set it. This rural area still needs one or two aerodromes, and this area could be the best one to building them.

*And here, as everyone can imagine, will set a town (Nova Blumenau), but I still did not imagine how will be its street grid. The only things decided are:

1.More rural areas in south and west parts of the island;

2.The town will be around 40.000 inhabitants.

Best regards to all!!

Bruno Moreira

Advice about railways

Posted by BMSOUZA on 21 August 2016 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

As railways are not a usual thing to me (there is VLT in Rio de Janeiro city since this year, but I did not go there yet), I have some doubts about using this tag in my maps.

I am imagining a rail route between Slovech - or Trindade - and Tarugo or Nova Baltimore. Because Slovech is the capital, and Tarugo I will build some important naval and heavy industries. If I create this route, it can be extended to Nova Baltimore, capital of province, just few kilometeres south to Tarugo.

First doubt: Could I use railway=light_rail?? I read in OSM Wiki light rail is a urban trnasport… this way, it would not be the best railway between these cities…

Second doubt: The terminus in Slovech area.

  • can be in Trindade, a town I will re-map when I finish detailing Slovech. I prefer this idea, but “the passengers” would need to use another transportation (tram and buses) to follow to Slovech

  • can be in Sant Theo, east Slovech. In fact, here there is integration to other transportations, as buses and trams, and here is some kind of “metropolitan terminus” - the bus routes from Trindade will stop here, only one or two will follow to Slovech downtown.

*can be in Slovech downtown… only if I can use tunnels, because seting so many buildings in Slovech, there is no space to new rail stations. Which railway= I can use with tunnels??

For now I am still with a lot of work to do in Slovech detailings, but, as I am also focused about creating correct relations to all my transport routes, I need to think about it too…

Bruno Moreira

Different places - there are someone like these in OGF??

Posted by BMSOUZA on 24 June 2016 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

I am not spammer, but I woul like to share here one link about some “different” places. Wpuld be possible edit something like these pictures in OGF?? hehehe

The sixth picture I consider so much interesting, and maybe I will try something like that to show relief in some area of my countries.

The seventh is interesting too, but I dont see a way to create “underwater allotments” in OGF, hehehe

The 18th is interesting to me too, but I dont have the intention to do something like this in OGF.

Best regards to all!

Bruno Moreira

Is there any way to delete wiki pages or images, without asking to an admin??

Posted by BMSOUZA on 22 March 2016 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Currently I need to delete this page:

But soon I will need deleting some files I uploaded… would I need to ask an admin every time??

Best regards to all!!

Bruno Moreira

Wiki codes

Posted by BMSOUZA on 6 February 2016 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, friends!

*There is a thing I can not include in a specific article I am writing currently, but I know it is possible.

I want include more lines inside a column, the righest one, as I do using Paint in the image below: example, by MS Paint

*Other thing I need understand is, how can I define the lenght of a column.

In wiki article to Cariocas league, I would like the images I uploaded are 100%.

Can someone help me in these questions??

Realistic population

Posted by BMSOUZA on 18 January 2016 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, friends!

I need some criticism of yours in a problem about Cariocas. I wrote about the population in each city and town in Cariocas in the wiki article, but, surprise, the total is around 1.300.000 inhabitants (!!!!).

What could be a (total) realistic population to Cariocas??? I would like to read suggestions…

You can suggest a total number, and I can “divide” it to the cities and towns, or if someone would like to help in more details, please, consider somethings:

*Gragoatá (and Aracati), because its area, would be the same number of Itacolomi+Várzea da Palma. Itororó also is a big town, like Várzea da Palma.

*The conurbation Paranabi+Japuíba+Cambaquara also needs to be big, something to justify my only railway in the country, and mentioning the future expansion to Japuíba.

*Soon I will re-build Itabi and Piratiba as smaller district-capitals.

Best regards to all!!! Bruno Moreira

"Kentral Komerk Popular" - the Popular Market, in Bhagurah

Posted by BMSOUZA on 15 December 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, friends! As someone can notice, I have spent my time trying put as much detail as possible in Bhagurah, the capital of Goytakanya.

Today I finished one project I started last week, in a effort to “revitalize” the comercial center of the city. Well, I think today the “Kentral Komerk Popular” is done.

(in Goytakano language I created, Kentral=Center, and Sentral=Central)

Looking the first way, anyone can imagine it is not so much work, but I tried to manage it the best way. Toilets are away to food shops or restaurants. Shops of fresh or “living” goods, as pet shops, florists, restaurants, seafood etc, are located in outer shops, but clothes, electronics and gift shops are in inner locations. (Exception= in central building, the restaurants are in the central open area).

I think this place as a popular marketplace, so much inspired in “Rua 25 de Março”, in São Paulo-SP, and “Rua Uruguaiana”, in Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Actually, the picture I will use in a future wiki article to Bhagurah city, was taken in “Feirinha da Madrugada”, in São Paulo-SP, where I went last year, a popular marketplace that opens AFTER midnight, hehehe.

I know Bhagurah is the center of a political conflict area, and is not exactly one touristic point, but, if some OGF-citizen is traveling by these islands, I would suggest a visit to Kentral Komerk Popular and buy some gift to friends and family!!

PS: I think about detailing more retail areas around, the economy to 120.000 inhabitants of Bhagurah would not be centered in just one marketplace… but not now… its a lot of work, hehehe!!!

Bruno Moreira

About railways

Posted by BMSOUZA on 27 August 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, friends!

I am detailing the city of Paranabi, the only city in Cariocas with a tramways system. As the country is not so much rich, there is only one line operating.

But I would like to create a second and third planed lines. Lines and stations only under construction, and I dont know the correct tag to use.

I know I can use “highway=construction”/ “construction=motorway”, as example, but, about railways, the tag “construction=” does not works. I am considering use “railway=preserved” only to turn it visible on the map, hehehe. Can someone help me??

Regards! Bruno Moreira

Creating Alphabets

Posted by BMSOUZA on 17 August 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hey, friends! I found a good tool to create fictional alphabets in

Today, as a test, I created a simplified Goytakano alphabet. Anyone can download and use it, hehehe

It was “easy” to design. If anyone wants testing too…

Uletha is flooded

Posted by BMSOUZA on 28 July 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, friends! Uletha is flooded… well, may be it was me :-( If someone would like to help, I was editing coastline in Rugenia, the problem could be there. Sorry!!!

Bruno Moreira

Infoboxes, another time...

Posted by BMSOUZA on 26 July 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Hi, friends! As I said and everyone can see, I prefer use buses as main transportation in my cities and countries. There is any way to include, at least, number of bus routes, in the cities infoboxes?? I rarely mention trams and never mention trains. Just changing the words is not working here, and I am affraid to do a mistake in the infobox everybody uses…

Regards! Bruno Moreira

Khaiwoonese national football team‎ wiki article

Posted by BMSOUZA on 26 May 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

I dont understand I change just a little things in Khaiwoonese national football team‎ wiki article I just change the 2014 World Cup host country, and I change the word Khaiwoon in a link, in “See also”. But the history of the article says I change so much things more!!!

What did I do????

I did not want to vandalize any article!

Bruno Moreira

My challenge about Alcântara

Posted by BMSOUZA on 11 May 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Even getting some inspiration in world cities in general as Lisboa, London or Atlantic City, is a fact almost all my cities and towns look like brasilian places. Because rarely I use another type of transportation, only buses, because I like buses very much, hehehe. You can see in my cities. Just a few ones have a subway system (I remember only Campo Verde right now). And only Slovech got a tramways system, but the name of this city says, my inspiration was only european cities this time. Rio de Janeiro (where I was born) and São Paulo (I went there sometimes) counts with a relatively large subway and urban rail system. But, alvways, my focus and inspiration are only bus routes, hehehe

Now, I am starting my last metropolis, the capital of my fourth and last country: Alcântara, in Luslandia. So, I try creating FIRST AT ALL, two subway routes, and one urban railway. After this, I create some main highways.

I know I need to extend subway line from Atalaia to Leopoldina, and the rail line to Batalha (Sarandi will be out of capital`s metropolitan area). But I would like to listen some suggestions about this.

Lets see if I will get a good thing in this way now. But I am still imagining all bus routes to this metropolitan area, hehehe

Link to Alcântara:

Regards! Bruno Moreira

Tarephia is flooded

Posted by BMSOUZA on 20 February 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

I notice right now that Tarephia is flooded. Could anyone fix this???

Regards! Bruno Moreira

[JOSM] - correct URL server

Posted by BMSOUZA on 26 January 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

Somebody could help me??? I was using as URL server, but it is going to a error, and I can not upload my edits in JOSM How can I fix it??

Regards! Bruno Moreira

Dismembering Gran-Luslandia in three countries, officially

Posted by BMSOUZA on 17 January 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil). Last updated on 19 January 2015.

I am, officially, dismembering Gran Luslandia. From now, Luslândia, Brasônia and Belgrávia are independent countries, and Gran-Luslândia is now just a historic region.

To “soccer questions”, as OGF World Cup, I will assume Brasônia=Brasil=Gran-Luslândia; Luslândia=Portugal and Belgrávia=some slavic country, maybe Czech Rep., a good country in soccer but with no titles.

I will re-write the History of Gran-Luslandia and Belgravia, and create soon ones about Luslandia and Brasonia, and I will mention in history

ADD IN 18th Jan 2015: About embassies, I will send a message to all owners of countries I have embassy, to decide if I can create “more two” embassies, hehehe


Posted by BMSOUZA on 8 January 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil).

As “current CEO” of OGFIA, I would like do organize a season in 2015 of the “Formula Plus”, the stock car league.

My first idea was using the table of Stock Car Brasil in 2015. The same dates but with no repetition of raceways during the season, like the real StockCar Brasil will does.

If you all create a lot of raceways around OGF World, so, I can use the F1 table.

A rule I want to follow is use only one raceway by country, except if there are semi-independent nations in some country. For example: I can use a raceway in Belgravia and another in Brasonia because are two diferent nations inside Gran-Luslandia.

For now, we have eight raceways:

Slovech (BL)/ Sta.Cruz do Norte (LL)/ Salinas (LT)/ Siete Colinas (AR)/ Elegantia (ZL)/ Mirim Açú (CC)/ Gobras City (GB)/ Margonas (AL)

If I use the StockCar Brasil table, we need more two raceways. If we use the F1 tabel, we will need more twelve raceways.

Feel free to name some racers and racing teams too!!!! I created some racers from various countries in OGF World

-Andruja Balrus (Belgravia)/ -Dario Marques (Brasonia)/ -Irving Zamperton (Gobrassanya)/ -Franck Chamberlain (Ataraxia)/ -Girolamo Gavazzi (Darcodia)/ -Thamy Carandiru (Cariocas)/ -Otokar Dartmor (???)/ -Edwin Berry (???)/ -Svoboda Sivebaek (???)

and some racing teams: -Svarczman (Belgravia)/ -Volante (Brasonia)/ -Astromega (Gobrassanya)/ -Standard (???)/ -Excelsior (???)

but I will not necessarily use all of them. It depends of the colaboration of everyone. I prefer use the names you all creates than that ones I mentioned.

So, we need to decide this untill 14/03. Reply, friends! hehehe

Regards! Bruno Moreira