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Update on Mapping in Duncanheim (#2)

Posted by Duncan on 30 September 2019 in English (English)

Hello all!

I've been mapping a bit less frequently lately due to college starting up (and a new relationship - eeek!) but I am still logging in every few days to check messages and map a bit, although since it is for shorter periods of time I am mainly working on putting in details in rural areas (smaller roads, little towns, canton and township boundaries, hills, lakes, farms, etc.) rather than any major projects. It's actually quite calming to map like that, and I'm left wondering why so many mappers tend to overlook the rural areas in favor of mapping city after city after city (no offense to anyone whose territory is entirely urban, just my opinions).


Update on Mapping in Duncanheim

Posted by Duncan on 10 July 2019 in English (English)

So. I have been working on several things off and on. *Establishing national highways and rail lines (I have finished all the main ones, new ones will emerge as I map more towns and detail) *Mapping the capital city, Kattenden (This is an off and on thing. I have established the metro rails, national rail connections, an airport, and at least labelled a number of neighborhoods, as well as detailing and changing detail of the coastline. I have also been adding detailed areas in some suburbs, but these are not yet very large, because detail takes time) *Small towns here and there (I have also mapped a few small towns when I've needed a break from the urbanity of Kattenden)

Finally, since this territory was apparently at one point owned by someone who copied directly from the real world and this was already there when I got it (apart from the rail line, which I have added), does anyone know if this is a direct copy of something that I should probably delete?

Oh and also I cannot seem to make JOSM connect to OGF using the instructions provided. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?

Capital City - Streets gone mad

Posted by Duncan on 12 June 2019 in English (English)

So, I recently got a new territory (thanks, admin), and there was already the beginnings of a city in it. I decided to re-purpose this as my capital, but BOY are these streets a mess. I'm not sure what the previous owner was thinking. Even using them as older-style, European-type streets that got their beginnings as pathways still requires loads of straightening and reconnecting and such. Also, there are no names, which is something I have yet to rectify.

Location: -46.932, 144.996

Some Building in Commonia

Posted by Duncan on 5 June 2019 in English (English)

Hello! New user here! I have extended some existing highways into a blank space, and laid out the primary highways and some new rail lines for a small city (Renfield). I am hoping not to interfere with anyone else's projects, so I have not altered any existing towns (with the exception of the small town of Bromsburg, and the only edit I did there was to put in a bus station on an already existing street, since this town is the closest existing settlement to the site of Renfield. I left plenty of space between my other edits and Bromsburg. I established a small village called Bromsburg Junction where the road to Bromsburg ended confusingly at a railroad. There is also a highway at this junction now, which wiggles along following the railroad, as highways often do, to Renfield.) There was absolutely nothing else within miles of Renfield, so, again, hoping not to interfere.

(Location shown is the center of Renfield.)

Location: 12.404, 153.192
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