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Posted by Duncan on 5 June 2019 in English (English)

Hello! New user here! I have extended some existing highways into a blank space, and laid out the primary highways and some new rail lines for a small city (Renfield). I am hoping not to interfere with anyone else's projects, so I have not altered any existing towns (with the exception of the small town of Bromsburg, and the only edit I did there was to put in a bus station on an already existing street, since this town is the closest existing settlement to the site of Renfield. I left plenty of space between my other edits and Bromsburg. I established a small village called Bromsburg Junction where the road to Bromsburg ended confusingly at a railroad. There is also a highway at this junction now, which wiggles along following the railroad, as highways often do, to Renfield.) There was absolutely nothing else within miles of Renfield, so, again, hoping not to interfere.

(Location shown is the center of Renfield.)

Location: 12.404, 153.192

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