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New edits don't appear on map

Posted by Eevee on 12 November 2017 in English (English)


I've been editing a lot today (I started about 2 hours ago) and none of the edits has appeared on the map (normally after this amount of time, most of them would have appeared at least if viewed in incognito window of the browser). Is there some kind of problem with the map?


Is this a realistic airport?

Posted by Eevee on 10 November 2017 in English (English)


I made my first airport a few days ago. I know almost nothing about airports, so I'd like to get some feedback. Is it realistic at all? What would you change? If the airport is realistic, I will add more details to it (grass, some buildings, parking areas, ref codes...).

The airport is the main airport of Suursaari (the capital of Eelanti).

Thanks for your feedback!

Location: Suursaari, Eelanti

My first village - Feedback?

Posted by Eevee on 10 October 2017 in English (English)


I have been mapping my first village in Eelanti for a while. The area is not complete yet but I would like to get some feedback on it. The village is called Peräkylä

Some questions

What do you like? What would you change/improve? Does the area look realistic enough? Any ideas to improve the quality of my mapping?

About Peräkylä

Peräkylä is a small village in Northern Eelanti. There are two major factories: Peräkylän Junatehdas (Peräkylä Train Factory) and Peräkylän Paperi (a paper factory). The odd railway is used by the train factory. Buildings that I have mapped are mostly bigger apartment buildings (3 or 4 floors). The outer parts of the village will have smaller houses. The village is growing so there are quite many new buildings.



Location: Lande, Peräkylä, Eelanti

I would like to get some feedback

Posted by Eevee on 5 September 2017 in English (English)


I have now been mapping on UL080 for a month. The country is now called Eelanti. The country will be based on Nordic area and Nordic culture (mainly Finnish culture). The official language of Eelanti is Eelandese (which is based on Finnish language).

There are already some basic roads, rivers and railways in Eelanti. Some of them are only drafts and they will be edited to look more realistic.

I have also been mapping the village of Peräkylä. There is still a lot to do in Peräkylä but many areas are already mapped. The central part is mainly quite big apartment buildings and some public buildings. The outer parts will be smaller houses. The odd railway is used by the train factory of Peräkylä (Peräkylän junatehdas in Eelandese).

Because this is the first time I map anything this big, I would like to hear your opinions on my work.



Location: Lande, Peräkylä, Eelanti
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