No renders at all on many areas

Posted by Eevee on 6 January 2022 in English (English).


Recently I’ve been more active on OGF and hadn’t really seen how well the new OGF works. Lately it’s been quite annoying as it seems that my country (Eelanti) isn’t rendered at all on some zoom levels (levels 15-20). The only way to get the map to render seems to be to actually look at the areas on the map with different zoom levels (even Ctrl+F5 does nothing instantly) and maybe do some refreshes and come back later. It’s also kind of annoying to see all the “Error: no tiles at this zoom level” messages on JOSM and not being able to view areas that I’ve mapped before the new servers/OGF.

Is there any other solution to this than try to open all the mapped areas on different zoom levels and maybe do some refreshes? Of course new edits will also help in small scale but not for other areas. I’ve also noticed that the renderer seems to be slower than on OSM while on the old OGF the renderer seemed faster than OSM (at least close).

NOTE: If you try to look at my country, I’ve gotten most of the more detailed areas to render now (at least on some of the missing zoom levels) so it’s a bit less obvious now. I also know that it takes time for new edits to show up. I’m talking about edits that are 2-4 years old.

Thanks in advance and happy mapping!


Comment from Luciano on 7 January 2022 at 14:53

This is functionally no different from how it worked on OGF 1.0. If an area isn’t looked at, of course it doesn’t render. That’s how OSM works, too, but with OSM, with millions of users viewing the map, finding and “unlooked at” area is pretty hard to do.

I suppose we could think of it as part of your job, as a territory owner, to “survey” your territory by surfing around on the map to refresh the rendered tiles and keep them up to date. I do this (and have done this since the beginning of my OGF time) for my territories.

All that said, there have been instances where the render gets overloaded, and so the response time on reloading / re-rendering tiles is quite slow. That’s really just “growing pains” for the new render server. We’ll get there, eventually! Thanks for the feedback and happy mapping.

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