What I've Done With Albert

Posted by FancyFoxy on 28 April 2018 in English (English)

I've been working on Albert for a while, though I recently removed all my roads and started again, because I was really dissatisfied with how it was looking. I've tried to make a more structured system by having 'city zones' between tertiary+ roads that control their small region under control of the city, and the roads inside the zones are decided by them. It's been pretty successful, but I'm still having trouble making it look like a realistic city.

My main problem, though, is dealing with elevation. The city is supposed to be in a mountain-heavy region and I have trouble making the roads appear that way. The forests are supposed to be regions too steep, that were left as forests. However, there is still lots of elevation outside those forests, and I need a little advice/help dealing with it.

I'm still mostly happy with how this is turning out, even if I had to start over.

(Also, you may see some out-of-place buildings, those are just leftover that I used for reference)

Location: Cape Coral, Capricorn, SPV

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