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Open territory

Posted by Fayaan on 5 June 2019 in English (English).


while waiting for my own territory I started working on a small part of Mecyna. I used it primarily to work on my JOSM skills (there is a big difference between using JOSM for mapping satellite images in OSM and using it when you have to set scales etc in OGF). But I find it difficult to proceed as Mecyna has a lot of unfinished towns, roads going nowhere and making no sense, Mecyna is missing a good topography layout, …. I don’t want to destroy other peoples work but what is already on the map limits what I can do.

Therefore my question: are there any suggestions for ‘open’ or collaborative regions to work on? I would like to map in European style and prefer a doable small city + rural region over a big city. Any suggestions are appreciated so that I can practice a little before getting my own region.

Location: Isisford, Longreach Regional, Queensland, 4731, Australia