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Posted by Fayaan on 5 June 2019 in English (English)


while waiting for my own territory I started working on a small part of Mecyna. I used it primarily to work on my JOSM skills (there is a big difference between using JOSM for mapping satellite images in OSM and using it when you have to set scales etc in OGF). But I find it difficult to proceed as Mecyna has a lot of unfinished towns, roads going nowhere and making no sense, Mecyna is missing a good topography layout, .... I don't want to destroy other peoples work but what is already on the map limits what I can do.

Therefore my question: are there any suggestions for 'open' or collaborative regions to work on? I would like to map in European style and prefer a doable small city + rural region over a big city. Any suggestions are appreciated so that I can practice a little before getting my own region.

Location: -24.531, 144.536

Comment from histor on 5 June 2019 at 17:49

Kaster looks good. Indeed you are right - in Mecyna is drawn a lot of irreal things, which someone can make better.

Only one: The canal has international importance - please do not change.

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Comment from Mapping Expert on 5 June 2019 at 19:30

The way I can answer is the following:

  1. There is a serious problem with the unrealistic things in Mecyna and all the blue countries. This must be corrected, but there is a risk that it will happen again.

  2. Like your good mapping, there are other good examples in these countries, such as: Gobras City, Marapura, Hamabaurgs, Port Geo, among many others.

  3. There is a page with the list of collaborative projects approved by the administration, each with its own rules. Working in these areas can help you improve your skills when you have your territory.

  4. If you consider that you can carry out a mainly European-style European country, contact admin to request a specific territory. Remember that a territory plan and a good mapping is necessary.

¬°Good mapping!

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Comment from MOI N on 5 June 2019 at 21:45

You could work for me in cygagon , in the town of weirbrush. it is a texan-style town which is needing houses and footpaths.

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