How to make national parks?

Posted by Icefur2 on 22 August 2021 in English (English).

Hi, I’m planning to make a national park in my country, Pactone, but I can’t figure out how. Can someone tell me? Thanks!

Comment from Intergan on 22 August 2021 at 23:51

Hello, Here’s some instructions on how to make a national park

  1. create a closed area of where you want your national park to be
  2. tag it as leisure=nature_reserve and also tag name=(name of park)

alternatively you can create a relation 1. create a closed area of where you want your national park to be 2. create a relation and define the closed area as outer within the relation 3. add the following tags to the relation:

type=boundary boundary=national_park protect_class=2 name=(name of park)

Hope this helps!

sincerely, Intergan

Comment from Lithium-Ion on 23 August 2021 at 00:27

To add on to Intergan’s comment, I would recommend using a relation.

When I make relations I often also add leisure=nature_reserve along with boundary=national_park - but that’s redundant, I don’t think it has an effect on rendering either way.

Also, if you’re creating a protected area that’s not a national park, use boundary=protected_area in the relation instead of boundary=national_park - and the appropriate protect_class (optional, but worth adding).

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