Brennland: developing the "Alps"

Posted by Jumbooo on 12 February 2018 in English (English)

Hi everyone

this is a copy of my topic posted on the forum. Sorry for this, but for some reason no one is answering there...

I'm here to ask feedback about the work I'm doing in my first country, Brennland. I've started mapping using the in-browser tool, but I've switched to JOSM last week. I've sketched a part of the main river, Brenne, which flows from the northern part of Brennland towards the big lake in the south. Having very precise ideas about a particular area of the country, I've started mapping at a high detail level from a very small city, Freienfeld, in the northern part of Brennland, and its surrounding area (61.8252, 54.6268) This is an area of big mountains and quite wide valleys, an "alpine" scenario, like the ones of the big valleys of Austria or South Tyrol (Italy). I'm asking for a feedback, as this is my first attempt in mapping such complicated areas (and a whole Country). In the recent past I've mapped a bigger city, Dominton, in Midistland (38.3351, 93.5067).

Thank you and happy mapping to everyone!

Location: Svedonia

Comment from histor on 12 February 2018 at 09:54

Gemütliches kleines Städchen, sehr detailliert. Aber wächst Hopfen so hoch im Gebirge? Und die Kurven der Autobahn würde ich sanfter machen - vor allem die im Tunnel.

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Comment from Jumbooo on 12 February 2018 at 10:06

Thank you for your answer! Hopfen habitat has a limit about 1200m high, so it should be ok there. Thanks for the feedback about A1, I'll work hard on that to make it as realistic as possible!

(Sorry if I reply in English, but I don't speak German actually; I'm using it in my map because I love it and I know its main topographic and geographical terms, especially those we use for mountain places).

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