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Posted by KTheBritMC on 14 July 2020 in English (English)


As you may have seen, a few weeks ago, I requested submissions from you lot for some changes to Bromley City while I go on a mission to fix some active person's horrific mapping. I can tell you, fixing all of this has definitely improved my mapping from mapping in squares to mapping in interesting shapes and angles. My country is based off of the UK with very loose ties to Australia and the USA terrainwise.

Take into account that Bromley City is still major WIP and therefore there will still be some horrific mapping which is due to change soon. Some of those that are still present include the following:

-Tight corners and weird shapes of railways -Extremely close proximity of residential roads -Blocks of roads and overly straight roads -Wide distance between major roads such as the A1, A2 and other motorways -Drastic change between urban and rural -Change to roads in Battersea

I think that should cover all the things that are still on the to-do list, it's a very hard job so please bear with!

The things that I have managed to tick off of the list include:

-Changing place names from various different languages to a specific Bromlavian Ingerlish & Ingerish -Major changes to motorways which were too present and now have mostly become A-roads and trunk roads -Dual carriageways in city centre have been removed due to this not being realistic -Naming boroughs/districts -Change to angles and shapes of roads to represent a British style place instead of American -Road names to suit a British style instead of American -Drastic change of road layout in Princer View -Resize of stadium -Resize of West City Park Estate

In addition, Bromley City has been slightly extended west and now covers a regenerated area similar to Stratford in East London which as you can see, Silvertown has been named after. This new regenerated area compromises of Canning Park, Silvertown and a newly altered West City Park Estate. Have a look at this (Not finished yet) and see what you think.

I'm kindly asking people to have a look at the new WIP Bromley City and give me some feedback after the map has been altered after receiving contributions from various OGF users on how to improve. Ignore the blocky bits in Battersea, Wickham, Jaywick and Greenhithe because they're still being worked on.

Grammar Road is how I'd like to style my residential suburb area btw so any feedback on that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Location: -36.070, 45.713

Comment from 2amCereal on 14 July 2020 at 18:36

Changing names to sound more Ingerish/English doesn’t mean just using real place names in England. One or two won’t hurt, but for the most part it’s better to come up with your own names for the sake of authenticity. If it is a supposed Ingerish/English colony then you could take place names from Ingerland for district/street names. It also has good examples of how to make unique English sounding names.

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Comment from KTheBritMC on 14 July 2020 at 22:14

That's a good idea, thank you! I had a look at my other place names and I think they sound too fantasy-like? Like Holtwquayhex that sounds like some town from Lord of The Rings lmao

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Comment from KTheBritMC on 15 July 2020 at 21:01

I used a random town name generator for that one lmao

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