An update to Sarit - Bromley V2.02

Posted by KTheBritMC on 4 September 2020 in English (English)

Hi all,

Just thought I'd update you on the progress of Sarit. Here's a little background for if you are wondering:

Sarit is the regional city of the region of Barkenfry (Holmic: Bakenfray) in Eastern Bromley.

The region that Sarit sits in has been part of a dispute over being recognised as an independent state (A bit like the Catalonia debate in Spain). The region is home to many Holmic and Sanmarquino migrants who have shaped the infrastructure and design of the roads so therefore this has fueled the debate. The right-wing government that leads Bromley believes in the unification of Bromley and gave an alternative Ingerish-derived name, Sarkton, which is the name used by the rest of Bromley's regions.

Now you've had a bit of background, here's the plans:

  • Sarit follows a mixture between British and European city designs. If you have a look, you can see Sarit Cathedral, or Karmeli safe-Sarit as it is known by the locals with the many pedestrian streets surrounding it. As a Brit myself, this is an uncommon occurrence and soforth fits in with a European style, please if you disagree feel free to comment!

  • I've tried to make the main roads look a bit curvy to fit in with the British style of mapping

  • Does anyone think that the British-styled roads conflict a bit with the European-styled roads (the grid roads)?

Thanks :)

Location: -35.770, 45.266

Comment from Tito_zz on 4 September 2020 at 17:46

the style is good and unique, i like it, keep going like that

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