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Ugric / Yurelic languages in OGF

Posted by LemonKing on 22 March 2018 in Finnish (Suomi)

Finnish and related languages seem to be well represented in OGF, but not yet very organized. I made a draft in the wiki to get an overview of the situation, to help develop a common history for Ugric / Yurelic languages and to help harmonize some content. Please let me know if I missed or misunderstood something. Thanks! Happy mapping to all! - LemonKing

North-Western Uletha and Vinn Sea cooperations

Posted by LemonKing on 5 February 2018 in Finnish (Suomi)

Developping Vinnic Economic Community (VEC) and North-West Ulethan Union (NWUU) seem not to have proceeded as planned. I would very much like to see some progress, therefore I made some suggestions in the wiki. I understand that many territories in Western Uletha are unclaimed and that limits developping the area, but a lot of groundwork could be done as we wait for new members. Please comment:

Country lists and flag templates in the wiki

Posted by LemonKing on 7 November 2017 in Finnish (Suomi)

I think country lists in the wiki need systematic editing. Some countries, even ones with large articles, are missing from some lists. Some existing flags do not have templates, or the templates are not linked correctly.

I suspect some users don't find or don't understand this instruction (it also seems to be located in a strange place, although linked form the help page):

It would be awesome if some experienced users who are familiar with the wiki content could occationally browse through pages like "List of countries", "Uletha", "Archanta" etc, to keep them up-to-date. I made a few updates myself, but there seems to be a lot to do, and I'm not sure I have found all the lists yet.

Blöndel, the nordic city

Posted by LemonKing on 3 November 2017 in Finnish (Suomi)

After a period of semi-intensive mapping, Blöndel begins to look like a city. It is nowhere near finished, but at this point it would be cool to know what you guys think.

Blöndel is a nordic type of city with relatively parse infrastructure and areas of wilderness near by. The map link zooms to Ritoll, a 1970's suburb with built-in basic services: primary school, church, shopping center, medical center and library. The adjacent area of detached houses is a non-typical element that gives the area a unique character. This area sets the level of detail toward which I'm working in the city area as a whole.

Location: Haggai, Blöndel, Bloregia

Naming international waters

Posted by LemonKing on 16 October 2017 in Finnish (Suomi)

The different seas and bays seem to have no name tags on the OGF map. Searching the wiki reveals that some of the major seas do have agreed-on names like Vinn Sea, Belphenian Sea etc. Is there a reason these names don't appear on the map? I think having name-tags for international waters would be helpful, especially for new users who are trying to get an overview of OGF. It would also be a significant symbolic sign that users communicate and collaborate successfully. Is this an admin issue?

New country Bloregia

Posted by LemonKing on 10 October 2017 in Finnish (Suomi)

Hi guys, I'm a new user, I have been working on my country Bloregia, especially the capital Blöndel, for a few weeks now.

I kind of have a positive problem. I already have a fictional country on paper that I have been developping since childhood: maps, flag, language, history, train schedules, art, literature etc. This country It is "too ready", it would be uninteresting to map it into OGF as such. It is also too much based on real geography.

So I decided to create a somewhat different country. I use some features from my old work, like the language and history and some selected map structures, combined with new ideas. I also intend to save a previous owner's work in SW-Bloregia relatively unchanged.

I have the advantage of already having made some of the usual mistakes of new users in my offline work, so hopefully I can learn from them. I now try to work from small to big, in stead of starting with a network of highways.

Here's some Bloregian history:

Bloregia is open for all kinds of international relations: diplomatic, economical etc. I welcome embassies, company headquarters etc. in suitable areas of Blöndel, please let me know if you are interested.

Comments appreciated!

Regards, LemonKing

Location: Temper, Blöndel, Bloregia
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