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Posted by Litvania on 18 April 2017 in English (English)

an overview of the situation

april seems to be very eventful in real life this year. i havent been very active this past few days, as i was on a trip to London to celebrate my birthday (13th btw).

lots of (new and original) things are scheduled for the rest of this month and may.

a lesson

i learned a lesson:

no one will appreciate or care about my work if i get too inspired and start to copy. thats what i have been doing lately. i got a little weird and started literally copying some users work because i had small amounts of time on OGF, and i could be doing something meaningful with my life, but i also wanted to be perceived as a good and experienced mapper by the community here. i also just wanted a quality country to present.

i already know my work is certainly not astonishing, so i am trying to make a difference.

so now, let me present litvania 2.0

you may have noticed that i have redrawn certain parts of the country here and there, and i now want to focus on Loravia for a few months.

I am aiming for it to be a constitutional republic in the "oh so lovely mountains that i am yet to come up with a good name for", that makes most of its money from tourism. There will be a purely slavic culture, with some elements of modern art and design in certain parts of it.

Loravia will be a beautiful city with lots of cathedrals and churches and theatres and cinemas and pubs and bars and restaurants and also, some nice buildings like these that i dont known the english name for. The old town is a completely car free pedestrian zone were people can mingle and relax in bars, restaurants etc...

Various tourist attractions will be in the old town, and i will try to make it hve a special charm to it.

Here are some parts of my hand drawn WIP plan for loravia`s old town (i drew these in a hotel with the only tools i had)

Anyway, some of you may be overwhelmed, so imma shut up and let you get interested by yourselves. (seriously though, come around and have a look when i upload)

happy mapping,


Location: Nové Mesto, Lorava, Hlavné mesto Lorava, Litvensko

Comment from Ernestpcosby on 19 April 2017 at 02:27

Looks like a great start. :)

Just to clarify, when you say copy, do you just mean as in you tried to create something too similar to your inspiration or did you mean like you copy and pasted?

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Comment from Litvania on 19 April 2017 at 06:42

Yes i would try to create something too similar to my inspiration. @Ernestpcosby

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