I am confused and worried

Posted by Litvania on 23 April 2017 in English (English)

i am confused and worried. I get the feeling that what i do here on OGF seems to be suspiciously similar to what other users are doing. This makes me frustrated, as it makes me vulnerable to accusations of copying peoples work.

And if that happens, i cant say anything against it.

I want to present a case that makes me especially frustrated:

Litvania, and its eastern neighbour, Drabantia.

They are two very similar countries in terms of geography, culture, language and demographics, so for example, the capital cities, Lorava and Odrava, will be very similar. The way that the streets are layed out, how the cities work, what they look like etc...

However, here is the problem:

Whenever something new appeared in Drabantia, i looked at it and said "Damn, that looks nice, shame i cant make something like that."

This lead to me being urged to either copy it, or, try to make Litvania look just like Drabantia.

For example, if you havemt noticed, as soon as Ráj n/Mlžnicí was finalised, Riekava popped up, and even the presentation in the User Diaries is the same. I was ashamed of myself later, however refused to delete it, as i like Riekava myself. Then, when Drabantia's owner started rebuilding Drabantia, it happened about the same time that i aswell started thinking about how bad my country looks still after 5 months of activity.

I need help. I am ashamed of myself, and i need some helpful advice as to what to actually do with this situation.

Location: Podhradie, Lorava, Hlavné mesto Lorava, Litvensko

Comment from Yuanls on 23 April 2017 at 22:13

Don't let excessive pride get in the way of your dreams. If you have an idea, do it! You have perfectly good reason to do it, reasons that you have listed already. And if Eklas does not mind, there's nothing stopping you. If you want something new, maybe put a twist on one of your ideas to make it different and interesting. Don't give up!

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Comment from Portopolis on 24 April 2017 at 00:14

I agree with Yuanls, I also think it is cool as long as Eklas is cool with it to have some sort of continuity with mapping from country to country. Mapping styles realistically don't change that drastically across Europe, but instead have a gradual change. I think if you can add some Litvanian elements and not copy Drabantia in street grid but street grid style it is okay.

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Comment from eklas on 24 April 2017 at 09:56

Hi, Drabantia's owner here,

I'm actually really okay with Litvania looking similar to Drabantia, it makes me feel validated and happy when I see other users inspired by me.

I just think maybe you shouldn't carelessly abandon unfinished projects to go work on something else, just because I've done it. Make your country look however you want, but for your own good, take your time and work on things until you feel like they're 100% done.

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Comment from BMSOUZA on 24 April 2017 at 22:40

Hey, its not a problem, my friend!

I think is "usual" a similarity between two or more neighbor countries.

Anyway, you are not the only one in OGF with inspiration in other users work. These days I started creating some rivers in Brasonia close to Barra da Grama, largely inspired in Joschi81 and Tparigo rivers.

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