No worries I haven't disappeared. (Plans August-December 2017)

Posted by Litvania on 31 July 2017 in English (English)

The title of this entry is the peak of my humour guys, get used to it.

Nice holiday so far no? Been on a language camp in Berlin and then a sporting camp in Ińsko, Poland where I became a certified lifeguard. Next I'm departing with friends to sail up and down the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. A lot of Sea and marine related stuff this vacation.

Anyways I've been a little (just a teeny weeny little bit) inactive since May because of all this stuff, including my new passion physics and astronomy, and I don't have my computer with me so I can't edit. However, I've got some ideas as to what I want to do with certain areas of Litvania.

Pomorie (formerly Egalský kráj)

I decided to rename this one because it's name could be confused with the Drabantian one in tourist adverts and stuff. So I simply took the Slovak word for "sea" - more - and added a "Po-" prefix denoting a region or area.

The capital of this region is Jankovar, which I am struggling with a little bit with and might even move its position because it's a bit awkward and unnatural. It makes the street grid and railways a bit hard to navigate naturally and logically with a city in a weird place like this. I might move it a bit to the south, nearer the coast, and on the shores of the inland seawater lake Moržíca (which I might rename Koblín) and build a small town of around 5,000 in the original position.

The entire region per se is going to be sort of modelled after the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship(my true native land). Because the Egalian Lake is a glacial lake, it means that obviously a glacier had to go over the land in this area and form it using its mass and power. That's why there will be hills (a lot of them), post glacial period lakes, ponds and also marshes, and ancient culture megaliths. Small towns will dot the region and it might aswell be a popular local tourist destination for average Litvanians who seek peace and quiet in the untouched wilderness.

Historically, the region was kind of ignored and forgotten, because it didn't really give any use to the kingdoms and unions in the history of Litvania. Also, it was a pagan land in the beginning (hence the "ancient culture"), and so it is kind of new to the while Litvania Christianity thing.


So far, so good. Still in infancy, but I think its a good start and I will make some drawings of some suburbs and districts and draw them in JOSM someday. The Old Town station that I drew in May I realised is kind of useless, so I'm considering either moving it or deleting it and simply making the main station bigger.

However I need some more countryside mapping so I'm giving it a short break for a while. I'm planning to get back to Loravia full time next year or maybe a bit earlier. I'm not sure as of now.


So yeah, nice vacay so far, next year is my freshman year of High School and I am gonna make it count so wish me luck.

Wish all of you a nice last month of holidays and a smooth return to the good old routine of life.

Location: A3, okres Senov, Pomorie, Litvensko

Comment from eklas on 31 July 2017 at 15:49

Hi and welcome back and also congratulations! and happy mapping!

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