north polar region of OGF.

Posted by Litvania on 25 June 2019 in English (English)

It seems the north pole region is just sea, isn't it?

I recently watched "The Terror", a TV series from 2018 about Franklin's lost expedition, and was thinking about how developed; if in any way, the northern regions of the OGF planet are.

I was thinking about what history it would have, what inhabitants, what ahem failed expeditions I can write about in the wiki ahem, and other stuff.

What do you guys think?

Location: 87,463, 1,934

Comment from Megacity2005Creator on 25 June 2019 at 19:51

I think the development of the north region is not due to prior planning, but to fault.

Although I think polar exploration is a great thing to keep in mind, it shouldn’t be used to promote further development north of the Arctic Circle.

It would, however, be cool to envision disputes between powerful countries in the early 1900s aiming to lay claim to areas in the north, and their northern counterparts.

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Comment from Rhiney boi on 25 June 2019 at 22:32

Funny thing, the link shows not the north pole.

Back on topic, the Great North Sea (Great Nordsee is its official name i think) is all I know about this region.

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Comment from Litvania on 26 June 2019 at 08:15

@Rhiney boi

Yeah it's nit directly linked to the North Pole, but still and interesting and fascinating story.

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