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Hello, everyone!

Posted by Martinawa on 4 March 2018 in English (English)

I joined OGF recently, so I guess I'll make a Diary Entry as both an introduction and a way to see how this goes (because I'm still very lost)

I'm a compulsive mapper, as many of you may be (I've been intensively lurking this week and I've seen some impressive mapping skills out there), I have several city drawings, also cities in SketchUp and recently I got into JOSM to draw cities. For my debut here, I tried to do an old rural town near the Mecyna Canal, called Santiago de Prado. It ended up being not-so-rural, because I'm used to draw cities that keep growing and growing and growing... I've only managed to finish one city.

I live in Spain, so many of my inspirations for mapping come from its cities (You'll never see a city of mine without a perfect square grid somewhere near the center).

I already have a very clear idea for a country, based off of a fictional country based in real-life lands. I'll try to recreate it and use this platform to expand it. In the meanwhile, I'll try to figure out some things to draw in JOSM.

Nice to meet you!

Location: 11, Almere, Guntrum, Mecyna
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