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Collab launch: Castellán

Posted by Martinawa on 9 November 2021 in Spanish (Español).

Estoy encantado de anunciar que Castellán va a empezar su andadura como proyecto colaborativo, para crear una nueva madre patria para el idioma Español (castellanés) en OGF. El debate acerca de este nuevo proyecto va a tener lugar en los foros de la wiki, mediante los cuales podéis acceder, si no lo habéis hecho todavía, mandando un mensaje privado a Alessa (Preferentemente, en inglés).

Esta es la página de la collab en la wiki, donde podréis ver un resumen del estado del territorio. Esta es la página del foro en la wiki sobre Castellán, donde podéis enviar dudas, sugerencias, o discutir sobre los temas relevantes acerca de Castellán.

Todos estáis invitados a participar de este proyecto para hacer de Castellán un lugar remarcable en el mapa de OGF.

I am excited to announce that Castellan is going to launch as a collaborative territory, with the goal of making a new motherland for the Spanish language (Castellanese) in OGF. The discussion about this newborn project will take place on the wiki forums, which you can access, if you haven’t yet, sending a private message to Alessa.

This is the wiki collab page, where you will be able to see a summary of the state of the territory. This is the wiki thread page for the Castellán collab, where you can send doubts, suggestions, or discuss about the relevant topics regarding the country.

I encourage you to participate on this project to make Castellán a remarkable place on the OGF map.

Happy Mapping, Martinawa, on behalf of all Castellán coordinators.

Location: Campo de Criptana, La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, 13610, España

On the State of the Topo Layer

Posted by Martinawa on 3 December 2019 in English (English).

Hi everyone. I’m Martinawa, owner of Adaria, and recently I’ve been involved in a project regarding the topography of my country, eventually uploading into the topo layer the a contour map on the whole country. I’m not here to talk about my work, though, but the topo layer itself.

I’ve been enjoying my time with the topo layer in Adaria, and I have the feeling that working on a topo map for the OGF Topo Layer is a very intensive but satisfying work. Sadly it’s work that often goes unnoticed by many mappers, either because they don’t pay attention to the layer itself, or because topo edits don’t show up on the OGF edit history (as they are actually not edits on OGF themselves), and I think it’s a shame that many topo layers go completely unnoticed because they only cover small terriories. (As an example, I didn’t know until today that there was a topo layer map of Udilugbulgidhu’s Hesperis

I’d like to suggest the admins (and to an extent to the whole of the community), that this layer should have a little bit more of a presence into the OGF world, as it can become an essential tool for worldbuilding if well used. For example, keeping a kind of “history list”, with the edits made in the topo layer would be useful for those looking for inspiration, and also a chance for the users who made their topos to feature them and get feedback.

I know that user Luciano has been for now the go-to source for everything about the topo layer, but it’s a shame that there’s only one person to go to when wanting to ask about how to make such a thing. I’m of course willing to collaborate into making the Topo section of the OGF map a more comprehensive and motivating place for people to start adventuring themselves, but I’m sure more people could give their insights in topography if that part of the map was to be “easier to notice”.

Happy Mapping,


Location: Chilla Well, Central Desert Region, Northern Territory, Australia

Embassies in Adaria

Posted by Martinawa on 13 May 2019 in English (English).

It’s finally the moment. It’s time for Adaria to open to the outside world and have visible relations with the outside world.

I have opened a wiki page in order to organize the embassies located in the Embassy Avenue, close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For now there are 40 slots for embassies, but if they end up being too few I’ll consider expanding the area or maybe finding another site to place embassies, maybe in a more dispersed manner. I’ll also be placing embassies myself abroad as things develop.

Happy Mapping,


Location: Petermann, Macdonnell Region, Northern Territory, Australia

Hello, everyone!

Posted by Martinawa on 4 March 2018 in English (English).

I joined OGF recently, so I guess I’ll make a Diary Entry as both an introduction and a way to see how this goes (because I’m still very lost)

I’m a compulsive mapper, as many of you may be (I’ve been intensively lurking this week and I’ve seen some impressive mapping skills out there), I have several city drawings, also cities in SketchUp and recently I got into JOSM to draw cities. For my debut here, I tried to do an old rural town near the Mecyna Canal, called Santiago de Prado. It ended up being not-so-rural, because I’m used to draw cities that keep growing and growing and growing… I’ve only managed to finish one city.

I live in Spain, so many of my inspirations for mapping come from its cities (You’ll never see a city of mine without a perfect square grid somewhere near the center).

I already have a very clear idea for a country, based off of a fictional country based in real-life lands. I’ll try to recreate it and use this platform to expand it. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to figure out some things to draw in JOSM.

Nice to meet you!

Location: Blackall, Blackall Tambo Regional, Queensland, 4472, Australia