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What would it look like if I brought my OGF city to life? Progress in Caladea

Posted by MrMiyagi on 13 July 2017 in English (English)

Hello! I'm having a blast with my new hobby here at OGF. I'm doing something a bit different, but in the end the mapping in OGF and wiki work ends up the same. It's a marriage of my long-term hobby and the new one here at OGF, so I just wanted to share the side you wouldn't have seen without sharing it here.

Because it also uses real-life scale for all its features, I'm using the game Cities Skylines to hand-map out each city - all its roads, buildings, features etc, and then use an overhead screenshot as a JOSM background image to map into OGF step by step. That ensures I've got the scale right, but it more importantly allows me to first design, edit, rethink (and demolish and build all over again), all the parts of the city and landscape, and then verify it all functions like a normal city before mapping it into OGF.

I'm doing it in stages, because I want to do both OGF mapping and Cities at the same time. Here are some shots of the first stage of the city in 3D and the first mapping traced back into OGF. I've even modeled the Caladean flag into the game, because why not?

In case anyone wants to know how I did this, in short it was this: - Took an image of an 18km x 18km section of my capital city's intended location in OGF - Used an overlay mod in Cities to project a semitransparent png of that 18km x 18km section from OGF - Used map editor to create the terrain - Build the first neighborhoods of the city - Screenshot from overhead and used that as a JOSM background - Rinse, wash and repeat for each expansion of the area I'm mapping

I love creating maps like this all by hand, every curve of every road, so to have two places where I have that much mapping freedom is awesome.

Link to capital's mapped first stages:

Introduction & the new small country Caladea

Posted by MrMiyagi on 7 June 2017 in English (English)

Hello. I'm MrMiyagi. I'm the owner of Caladea. I made a quick little Wiki page to have a reference to the country with a map directed to the country so you can find it quickly.

I've been drawing fictional non-fantasy maps since childhood, so I'm excited to have found this project. I thought I was essentially alone in this. oneofbeatlefan, the owner of the Kingdom of Wallea brought me here.

As recommended, I've started by planning the topography first before man-made features. I've been reading up on the OGF world and my surrounding countries, and talked with the owners of Castilea Archantea and Angla about their vision for our shared borderlands, so that I could adapt Caladea's topography to work logically with their already-established plans.

In order to be able to work out how their input would shape the topography of Caladea, I drew up a quick, rough 3D mock-up. It just makes it easier to be able to check to see if it looks right, and easier to have it as a reference to draw it in 2D in OGF. It's nowhere near precise and refined, just a very rough draft.

Castilea Archantea's borders are mostly mountainous, with the Sierra Ibarnea logically continuing into Caladea. Angla's owner's intention to have Dunas de Milta be steppes, whereas Caladea and C.A. are tropical in the White Sea region, my thought was that Angla would need a high range to capture much of the precipitation on the Caladea side, thereby leaving Dunas de Milta in a rain shadow when combined with the Angla Cordillera Salvajo

Input is most welcome, so I appreciate any time you might have to look at the 3D map and give some feedback. I intend to have a river appropriate to the Caladea central valley and its relatively steep descent, but did not draw it in as this is just a rough idea so far.

Between Wallea, Castilea Archantea and Caladea, we've discussed some really interesting ideas for collaboration on things that would be reflected in the maps, like a three-country highway and rail system, multinational institutions like universities, etc.

I speak English as a native language, Spanish as a second language at an advanced level, and German at an intermediate level but with an atrocious grasp of its inflection.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to contribute!

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